10+ Kid’s Bedroom Decoration with White Furniture

10+ Kid’s Bedroom Decoration with White Furniture – In designing the kid’s bedroom, many parents adopt the kid’s interest or character. Yes, commonly in designing the bedroom people apply the decoration like the character of the owner. For example, if the kid likes the sea, the parents will design the bedroom with blue nuance. However, we will not talk about the specific theme, yet we are going to talk about a specific color which is white. We are going to talk about the white bedroom because this color is the most common, let’s take a look.

vintage bedroom furniture dghra

1. This first bedroom is very obvious that it is owned by a girl. The main character in this bedroom is the use of white and pink color. The classically designed furniture is very appropriate for creating the feminine nuance because it has a feminine lining.

white kids bedroom furniture dfbds

2. Almost the same with the first bedroom, this bedroom is also filled with the with a classic style furniture. The most interesting is the frame of the bed itself. However, unlike in the first bedroom, this bedroom is also decorated with brown wall painting.

white kids bedroom furniture dfbtr

3. This bedroom is very different than the first and second bedroom. It has a very romantic nuance because of the usage of white and nude color. Moreover, the flowery decorations and the crystal lamp in the corner make this bedroom looks more romantic and feminine.

white kids bedroom furniture dnhej

4. The beautiful lining detail of the classic furniture is indeed matched with the feminine color like pink or pastel. This kid’s bedroom, for example, it has the princess’ bedroom-like nuance. The colorful decorations and the furniture make this bedroom is more cheerful.

white kids bedroom furniture dthbs

5. Absolutely what makes a kid attracted is not the functionality of the furniture, but the design of the furniture itself. This bed, for example, it has the pillars that are commonly seen in princess animation. The purple color of this bedroom is also appropriate for the princess-like nuance.

white kids bedroom furniture dthte

6. For the older kid, you can adopt simpler furniture detail like this. The furniture in this bedroom still has the typical classic lining but compared to the previous design, it has a simpler and maturer design.

white kids bedroom furniture fyjmt

7. Like the classic style furniture, the vintage style furniture also has the specialty in its detail. We see in this picture, the furniture has the carved detail in each top. For this vintage white furniture, the pink wall painting indeed is the best partner.

white kids bedroom furniture gfnhr

8. This bedroom shows off the wall paint instead of the wall decoration. the pink color is indeed very popular for the girl’s bedroom.

white kids bedroom furniture mkutd

9. Many creative inspirations for the twins’ bed we can find, for example, is this. The stairs of the bed are not wasted, instead, they are used as the drawers.

white kids bedroom furniture tdhbe

10. The last is also the girl’s bedroom with the princess decoration. However, unlike the usual design, the wall is painted in grey with the hint of green.

There is more white bedroom furniture you can find out there. Not only for the girls, but there is also a boy’s bed that is presented in white. Many of us also custom the design to match with the kid’s style.

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