10+ Japanese Themed Bedroom Ideas.

10+ Japanese Themed Bedroom Ideas –The room decoration with a certain regional concept is still widely loved. The most popular are for example French, Mexican, or oriental room decorations. And right now we love to talk about the last, especially the Japanese style room. The Japanese room concept is very authentic for its wooden furniture design, let’s take look.

japanese bedroom furniture bgfhs

1.In this bedroom, the wall decoration at the back of the bed has an atypical oriental pattern. Not only that. The lantern lamp and the drawers beside the bed also have the strong nuance of oriental style. Very important to notice, the bed here also has a unique curvy lining.

japanese bedroom furniture fnjty

2. It is very important to realize that the Japanese bedroom is common with its location that near the open space. This home also, although it applies modern basic, the Japanese concept is still maintained, just like the outdoor and garden and the pond. The main character of Japanese furniture is also used here which is wooden furniture.

japanese bedroom furniture gfbtr

3. The characteristic of the oriental furniture is very easy o noticed here, which is the crooked lining in the upper part of the furniture. This bed especially really describes the ancient aristocrat bed.

japanese bedroom furniture hjtte

4. The Japanese room design refers to the efficiency instead of a mere ornament. The furniture and decoration of this bedroom clearly tell so. The color domination is also typically Japanese room style.

japanese bedroom furniture hkliu

5. The mirror behind of this bed gives an additional dimension to the bedroom. Moreover, it is also functioned as the partition between the bed area with the room behind. Although this room is quite simple, this mirror makes this bedroom looks unique.

japanese bedroom furniture htyre

6. When you watch the dorama (Japanese drama) or movies, you will notice that the wooden polished furniture is very common there. The placement of the work desk and the bed also commonly side by side like this with work desk faces the window.

japanese bedroom furniture hytyt

7. For a minimalist impression, the Japanese furniture can be combined with the industrial room design as we see in this picture. The wall and the floor here although colored the same, have different tones.

japanese bedroom furniture jhgfd

8. This bedroom presents the typical Japanese bedroom in the modern face. The modern face means that the furniture here has the up to date style.

japanese bedroom furniture ngyjd

9. The placement of the bed in the floor like the traditional Japanese bedroom is slightly adopted in this bedroom. Even though the bed is not exactly put on the floor, however, the frame of the bed tells so. This bedroom also uses a sliding door that is the typical Japanese door.

japanese bedroom furniture nhdgy

10. This bedroom has the strongest nuance of Japanese nuance than previously. The painting of cherry blossom is a perfect beautifier. Uniquely, this bedroom is completed with a mini table and cushions like how Japanese home is.

The Japanese designed bedroom can be presented in a more modern way and the traditional way. With the traditional way, the use of a sliding door, decoration and the floor bed are important to show the Japanese nuance.

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