10+ Interesting Ideas of Bohemian Kitchen Decoration

10+ Interesting Ideas of Bohemian Kitchen Decoration – The bohemian concept in a home is usually identical to the hanging plants. Furthermore, the patterns in the bohemian furniture are also unique and full. A room looks bohemian usually identified through the wall pattern also. Here we have several examples of the bohemian kitchen.

Bohemian kitchen decor aassz

1. This room is dominated with white color, except for the upper side of the wall. This kitchen really presents the bohemian atmosphere through the kitchen equipment that looks traditional. The colorful types of equipment also support the bohemian concept. The most important aspect is the hanging plants on the shelf. This aspect really represents the bohemian concept. It can be substituted with artificial plants if you want to decorate your kitchen.

Bohemian kitchen decor ddafy

2. The most prominent corner that makes this kitchen has the bohemian concept is the wall decoration. It has patterned colorful wall that is always identical with bohemian. Furthermore, the plants and the wooden types of equipment also gives the bohemian vibes.

Bohemian kitchen decor eerty

3. This kitchen has a strong aspect of wood. It can be found in the furniture, like the table, cupboard, etc.  Another important aspect that makes the bohemian look in this kitchen is the plants.

Bohemian kitchen decor ffddz

4. This room looks beautiful with the blue as the wall painting. Many interesting aspects in this kitchen like the fish decoration, the pictures on the wall, as well as the design of the table and the chair. This kitchen combines the modern metallic and wooden rustic very well.

Bohemian kitchen decor hhggd

5. This kitchen has a very girly appearance. The kitchen is filled with pastel color and the wooden furniture. This kitchen has a strong character through the chandelier, shelves, and the windows.

Bohemian kitchen decor hhjjk

6. What makes this kitchen interesting is the position that is placed near the swimming pool. The selection of the green color as the main concept is also very unique. The green color on the wall is harmonized with the plants inside the kitchen as the decorations.

Bohemian kitchen decor iievi

7. Although this kitchen is rather small, the owner really benefits the space very well. The wall storage keeps more space for other important functions. The window near the washing place is the smart trick in order not to make the room dark.

Bohemian kitchen decor kkjhf

8. This kitchen is so unique because it has the protrude oven on the wall. Moreover, the stone side on the wall is also very beautiful. This kitchen overall look is very traditional due to the wooden furniture and the decoration.

Bohemian kitchen decor ppihc

9. This room harmonizes the marble with the wooden aspect. What makes this room is unique is the hanging lamp that placed along the length of the table.

Bohemian kitchen decor qqwaa

10. The kitchen of this room looks very wide because it is almost not parted with the dining room. The kitchen is also spacious because the decoration and furniture are less.

Those are the examples of the bohemian kitchen. The bohemian style usually also called as boho style. It has a combination of ethnic, traditional, as well as the wooden and colorful style. Usually, the boho style is enhanced with the hanging plants in the home.  

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