10+ Inspiring Ideas of Maroon Wall Decorations

10+ Inspiring Ideas of Maroon Wall Decorations – The color preference is absolute influences people in decorating their home. For those who choose red as the main aspect in their home, it is slight can be guessed that they want their home to keep energizing while still being elegant. Red has many tones, the one that is very popular today is maroon or red wine, and today we are going to talk about the first one.

maroon wall decor fghsh

1. What comes in your mind when seeing this photo? The sense of beauty is strongly felt when we see this wall decoration. Although the wall painting and the decorations are still in the same color, they don’t look boring at all.

maroon wall decor jhvnn

2. The impression of elegance is well presented through the combination of this red wall decoration and the wooden element of the furniture. The color of the ceiling and door doesn’t make this room too noisy because they are synchronized with the ceramic table.

maroon wall decor jtdvty

3. The combination of the living room and dining room in this picture looks aesthetic with the touch of red, broken white, and grey. Although the room decoration has a modern design, the vintage lick in the wall picture is a nice contrast.

maroon wall decor rshjx

4. When we see this design, the first impression is glam rock. It looks glam rock because the red is perfectly combined with black as we see in the wall decoration and the furniture material, especially the leathered table.

maroon wall decor sehrts

5. The elegance is clearly seen in this living room design, especially from the wall. The wall of this living room has a glossy-smooth texture that is uncommon to see. Furthermore, although this living room has many different patterns, they still look synchronized.

maroon wall decor srths

6. This bedroom absolutely has romantic nuance. It is well supported with the red painting of the wall and the design of the lamps above the bed and the hanging lamp. This bedroom is also presented with a beautiful view seen from the window.

maroon wall decor teyhn

7. The bedroom that we see in this picture has a very simple decoration. The wall itself is painted in maroon and has the white flowers ornament. The bed itself has the combination of the elegant and oriental theme.

maroon wall decor tjnrt

8. The color of the furniture in this bedroom supports the maroon wall very well. The dusty pink and grey like we see in the bed cover and the curtain are indeed good balancers for this maroon wall. 

maroon wall decor vrths

9. In this ninth picture, this is an example in which red doesn’t look excessive. Although the red wall is quite vibrant, the white floor and shelves are able to create minimalist decoration.

maroon wall decor yjbmm

10. It is told that red can arise the appetite. Maybe the homeowner applies that saying to this dining room. The beautiful red and white are well formed in the painting and the hanging lamps.

From some ideas we saw above, there is surely a thing, red is not boring at all. Red can make the best if it is partnered with softer color like grey or white.  

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