10+ Inspirations of Wall Partitions for Home

10+ Inspirations of Wall Partitions for Home – If you live in a dense city, maybe finding a big area for the home with good access is not easy. Then, you can end up in a small house. However, there are many ways to avoid a house looks narrow and small. For examples are the usage of big mirrors, the brightly painted wall, the use of room partition instead of a door, etc. Here we will focus on the specific alternative which is the wall partition.

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1. The first wall partition is the see-through white partition. This partition doesn’t part the whole wall, yet only a small part of it. This wall partition comes with the flowery pattern and is attached to a wooden black frame.

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2. The second partition is very unique because it comes only with a single frame. The frame is made from the black painted iron material. This is also the see-through partition because the middle part is the chains.

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3. The third partition is the sliding door. However, what makes this partition unique is the mirrors on the sliding door. This sliding door consists of two big mirrors that reflect another angle of the room.

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4. The fourth room partition is in the form of a big shelf. As you see that this room looks bigger because the room can be seen from side to side. The shelf itself is used as the decoration place.

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5. In the number five, the wall divider is the big cabinet. This cabinet is almost the same height as the wall itself. This cabinet is used to keep the books and other decorations like the plants, etc.

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6. In the number six, the wall divider is in the form of a gigantic shelf. This shelf size is as the same as the wall, so it fills all the area of the wall. This shelf is employed to keep things like books and only some decorations. Furthermore, there is also a painting on the shelf.

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7. The next room partition parts the living room and the kitchen. This room partition is in white color and it has a see-through design. This partition parts precisely in the middle. It has the flowery pattern and made from the wooden material.

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8. The next is the bedroom partition. This partition parts the bed area and another area in a bedroom. This partition is made with the geometrical pattern. This partition is made from the wooden material and painted in white.

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9. The number nine is the mirrored partition. This wall divider parts a room from another and it consists of three big mirrors. The mirror in the middle is plain while the others are patterned.

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10. The last is the shelf as the wall divider. This wall divider is used in the workroom. The shelf is used to keep the books and other important things.

The room partition is very interesting. They are common in the form of the see-through partition, mirror partition, as well as the shelf.

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