10+ Inspirations of Rustic Industrial Decorations

10+ Inspirations of Rustic Industrial Decorations – When designing a house, sometimes we get a hard time in deciding what concept we should present. Especially, after you scrolling on the internet and got many inspirations, things get harder because there are too many concepts are interesting. Yet, chill, because you can combine two different themes in a one. For example is the rustic and industrial concept that we will discuss below.

rustic industrial wall decor dyhdh

1. The number one, we see in the picture that the living room is combined with the dining room and kitchen in one place. The rustic industrial decoration is pointed out through the design of the wall and the ceiling. The wall has the undone design and the ceiling is bricked.

rustic industrial wall decor brdyw

2. In the number two, the rustic wall is shown in the room near the living room. While the industrial concept of the wall is seen through the wallpaper of the living room. The decorations like the rug and the bubbles in the ceiling also stress the rustic-industrial theme.

rustic industrial wall decor brtywr

3. In this kitchen, two contrast concepts and color domination meet. The kitchen side has the industrial decoration as we see on the wall which has dark tiles. While the dining area has the rustic theme that shown by the furniture.

rustic industrial wall decor byhhh

4. This living room combines the rustic and industrial design very softly. The brick wall can present whether the rustic or industrial concept. The big window in this room meanwhile, presents the industrial design.

rustic industrial wall decor byuhjf

5. In the next room, this is a very cozy living room concept. This living room combines the rustic and the industrial theme through the brick wall and the decorations. The mirror is the representation of the industrial theme. While the fireplace is the rustic decoration.

rustic industrial wall decor dbrhvy

6. In the six pictures, there is also a rustic-industrial theme. The wall in the dining room area has the industrial theme wallpaper with a big photo on the floor. Meanwhile, beside the living room, there is a brick wall with the quote decoration.

rustic industrial wall decor netyu

7. The picture number seven tells us about a simple studio. A home with studio concept is commonly small, that’s why as we see there is no room partition. The brick wall is undone and looks vintage. While the iron frames make this studio has an industrial theme.

rustic industrial wall decor rsnty

8.  In the eight pictures, like we see the living room is very lovely. The rustic decoration is seen in the decorations near the television. Meanwhile, the industrial decoration is seen through the grey wallpaper and the window.

rustic industrial wall decor tnuul

9. In the design number nine, the house looks so wide because there is no door that divides the room. The rustic theme can be seen from several aspects of a wall, the sofa, and the floor. While the industrial concept can be seen through the wall decoration and paintings on the left and right walls.

10. rustic industrial wall decor vetgwg

10. In the last picture, the rustic feeling is gotten from the brick wall and the furniture. While the industrial feeling is gotten from the grey wall and the lamp.

The rustic and industrial decoration is surprisingly suited for each other. The brick wall can represent both of them, the rustic and industrial.

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