10+ Inspirations of Round Wooden Decorations

10+ Inspirations of Round Wooden Decorations – If you are walking around ethnic stores or markets, the most common decoration that you will find is the wooden decoration. Why the wooden decoration? It is because the wooden decoration is commonly hunted for the home decoration. The wooden decoration is unique, easy to find, and very ethnic.

round wood wall decor gvfeh

1.  In this first wooden decoration, this decoration is hand carved. This decoration is very ethnic with the brown color. Moreover, this decoration does look beautiful with the flower carve in the middle and the leaves surround it.

round wood wall decor hgjdj

2. The second wooden decoration has a similar model with the round decoration in the first picture. Yet, it does have different detail. If you see it clearly, the flower is bigger than the first picture. Moreover, this round wooden decoration has a lighter color.

round wood wall decor hncrf

3. The third round wooden decoration has quite a large size. The edge of this round wooden decoration is very attractive. The first and the second layer of this carved decoration is in the shape of flowers.

round wood wall decor jlgcf

4. We said that the decoration in number three has a supersize. But, this one has lots of bigger size. Its design is very unique. There are cuts of woods that are gathered and made into a circle. This design is very attractive since each woods has a different surface.

round wood wall decor kmbhh

5. The fifth decoration is really beautiful. The wood is functioned as the edge of the decoration. Meanwhile, the middle of it is a little flower that surrounds with the lines like butterfly wings. The little flower is also made from the wood and the lines are made from wire.

round wood wall decor regqer

6. The number six is an attractive round wooden decoration. This wooden decoration is painted in many colors.  Uniquely, the pattern of the woods is still obviously seen.

round wood wall decor tdgff

7. In number seven, there are circles wooden decoration. This decoration consists of little circles that are linked to each other with the iron wire. The wooden decoration itself is polished, hence it presents a nice color.

round wood wall decor tjjtd

8. The next round wooden decoration is also in the shape of a flower. This decoration has a very beautiful shape because the edge of it is in the shape of petals. The middle of this wooden decoration is also in the shape of a flower that surrounded by leaves.

round wood wall decor vukll

9. The decoration in number nine is also in the shape of a round flower. This decoration has three layers. The first and second layer in this decoration is in the shape of flowers. While the edge is in the shape of petals.

round wood wall decor yjtxht

10. The last decoration is a quote that is printed on a wood. The decoration itself is the night theme. There are stars spread and there is a quote under it that also has night theme.

The wooden round decoration is actually varied. It doesn’t come only in a form of a carved decoration, but can in the form of quotation like in the last picture. The wooden decoration made by indie designers commonly has an interesting concept.

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