10+ Inspirations of Ocean Themed Decoration

10+ Inspirations of Ocean Themed Decoration – To impress the nuance of calm and peace, blue is the most matched color. When we enter a room with element blue as the most dominant, we will feel peace, cool, and composure. Therefore, the decoration theme like an ocean, or mountainous decoration, is used in many villas, or hotel. But, you can get the same feelings in your home, let’s take a look.

ocean themed wall decor  hfiukk

1.In number one, we have a hotel room near the beach. This bedroom reflects the nuance of the surroundings through its color selection. What makes this bedroom stunning is the fashion of the bed and the sofa itself.

ocean themed wall decor betyu

2. In number two, there is also a hotel room near the beach. This hotel room has an interesting design through the window that makes the guests able to see the scenery. The wall ornament itself reflects the theme of the hotel.

ocean themed wall decor dtwue

3. The next, in number three, we also have a bedroom near the sea. The bed itself has a bohemian style which is shown through the curtain that covers the bed. The room style is very simple with the wall is painted all white.

ocean themed wall decor dtysur

4. Next, we have a bedroom that is full of blue. The wall is all painted in blue, and what makes this bedroom unique is the picture decoration which has beach scenery.

ocean themed wall decor dynyk

5. In number five, we have a girl bedroom. This bedroom does actually have mermaid theme which is shown through the picture on the wall. The wall is painted with a stripe motif of blue gradation and white.

ocean themed wall decor etgey

6. The next in number six, this picture shows a bedroom with an ocean theme, but the bedroom itself is dominated with grey as the main color. The most interesting objects in this bedroom are the mirror with the shell frame and the gold starfishes on the wall.

ocean themed wall decor rbyea

7. In number seven, the bedroom looks very cozy and cool. It is very cool because there is a big window faces the outside and a fan on the ceiling. The decoration above the bed is very unique, its shape is like algae.

ocean themed wall decor rhbue

8. Next, there is a living room with the nuance of blue and white. This living room is actually really simple. The wall is decorated with a solo painting that describes the wave.

ocean themed wall decor rsbtyu

9. Then, in number nine we again meet with an ocean themed bedroom. This bedroom is addressed for a girl. This bedroom feels nice because the wall, curtain, floor, and bed are dominated by blue. The most interesting accents in this bedroom are the sofas.

ocean themed wall decor uvyjgh

10. The feeling of the ocean is really strung in this living room. It is because the room has a strong nuance of blue and cream. The surfing board on the wall also stresses the living room theme.

The ocean as the room there is absolutely not boring at all. There are many things can be elaborate in designing with an ocean theme, like the curtain pattern, rug pattern, cushions color, and even the ceiling color.

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