10+ Inspirations of Metal Wall Decoration

10+ Inspirations of Metal Wall Decoration – Now, we will give you some inspirations of wall decoration made from metal. Why metal? Because it is the kind of decoration that you can find quite many out there. The metal decoration has the glossy surface, so it can make a luxury or elegant mood for a room. Furthermore, the decoration made from metal is varied, it can come in the shape of abstract, symmetrical, or animate and inanimate objects. So, let’s get start.

metal wall decor avbak

1. This is the leaves decoration. This decoration is cool and very nice. It suits with the theme of the living room here. The leaves come with the glossy surface and brown color, so it is harmonious with the sofa and the table.

metal wall decor bsryy

2. The next is the dots mirrored metal decoration. This decoration is very interesting since it has the dots that linked by metal material to each other, and the dots itself has the mirror on it. This decoration is very nice to be located above the fireplace like this.

metal wall decor bsynt

3. The next is the flowery plates decoration. This flowery plate decoration includes several color and it comes with several different size. This decoration is very good to be with this grey sofa.

metal wall decor btnuu

4. The next one is the symmetrical decoration. This symmetrical decoration comes with three parts and each part has different center.  The each center and the dots also very unique because they are mirrored.

metal wall decor cjvakb

5. He next one is the sunburst decoration. This decoration has the circle in the center and the circles that surrounds it come with different size. Furthermore, the eyes of the bursts are decorated with natural stones.

metal wall decor drnty bdsrgb

6. The next one is also the leaves decoration. However, it is very unique decoration, because it is made with cutting pattern. So when the lights faces it, it will make a shadow of the pattern.

metal wall decor drnty

7. Like the first decoration, this is also the leaves decoration. However, this decoration looks more artsy because the leaves come with different colors. Furthermore, its surface is also glossy that makes this more unique.

metal wall decor ebtre

8. Then, the eight is the abstract metal decoration. This abstract metal decoration is parted in three. It is very big and has height orientation. This decoration is very nice to highlight the overall room that looks calm.

metal wall decor rtyuu

9. The next one is the circle decoration. This decoration is very harmonious with the furniture under it. it has bronze color range that is suitable with the chairs and the bowl decoration on the table.

metal wall decor rynne

10. The last is the silver metal decoration. If you see it in detail, this decoration looks like branch shape. Like the decoration number six, it is made with the cutting pattern that makes it so unique. It is also harmonious with the lamp and the bed that come with grey and silver color.

The metal decoration is a kind of decoration that almost every home has. This decoration is quite easy to find and they look cool for a room.

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