10+ Inspirations of Marble Wall Decor

10+ Inspirations of Marble Wall Decor – In this world, there are many types of stone that can be used as the decoration. One of them is marble. The use of marble makes a room looks luxury. Moreover, the use of marble makes the room feels cool. The color of marble is also varied, so it is easy to suit them with any room decoration.

marble wall decor ygjhm

1. In this first marble decoration, the marble is put as the part of the wall decoration., not as the part of the wall itself. This marble decoration has the harmonious color with the sofa. Furthermore, the marble decoration also has the same concept with the room decoration.

marble wall decor fuhyt

2. In this monochromatic bathroom, the marble is being the wall of the bathroom. The marble as the wall makes the bathroom looks luxurious. The marble wall is also applied in the other side of the bathroom.

marble wall decor hjbmf

3. This house has a very unique pattern of marble. Moreover, the marble color is very aesthetic and harmonious with the room theme.

marble wall decor hjsgjm

4. Marble as the part of the bathroom makes the bathroom less dirty and the atmosphere is cool. The marble in this room is shaped as the brick and they are building a half of the wall height.

marble wall decor hkdaw

5. In this design number five, the marble is placed as the partition of the bathroom and the floor. This bathroom has a monochromatic concept. The color of the marble floor and the partition areas the same as the bathtub.

marble wall decor jjgbg

6. This bathroom has a western theme. Uniquely, the marble here is also used as the window edges. The cabinet color selection is also harmonious with the marble color. The lamps above the mirror are also well matched with the overall room color.

marble wall decor jseks

7. In this dining room, the marble is used prominently as the wall plaque. As a contrast, the candles are placed in front of the plaque. The pillars of the plants’ pot also use the same material as the wall plaque. So, this room has a harmonious background.

marble wall decor tbwuf

8. In this room, the marble is used as the wall. The color and the pattern of the marble are very unique. The grey color of the marble is also well matched with the rug and the sofa.

marble wall decor uakvu

9. Like the picture number seven, in this room, the marble is used as the wall plaque. Interestingly, the marble plaque is matched with the wooden plaque and they come so harmoniously. The floor of this room is also very unique. The one side has the chevron pattern, while on another side, it uses the marble.

marble wall decor uakvu

10. In this room, the marble is also used as the wall plaque. It has unique blue and golden color. the golden color is matched with the room decoration on the floor and the hanging lamp.

These are several inspirations of the marble wall decoration.  Marble decoration actually makes the room feels cool and calm. So, it is suitable for any room. If you are interested to give one to your room, match it first with the room theme.  

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