10+ Inspirations of Lattice Wall Decor

 10+ Inspirations of Lattice Wall Decor – There are so many themes of decorations in this world. One of them is the ethnic decoration. The ethnic decoration looks antique because its design is commonly one of a kind. The ethnic theme of decoration is usually still used in the vintage themed house. Our grandma houses are commonly still using the ethnic and old ethnic decoration. One example of ethnic decoration is the lattice wall decor. Therefore, let’s see some examples of the lattice wall decor below.

lattice wall decor hbsyb

1. The first is the lattice decoration with the pattern of four petal flower. This decoration is made from the wood. Its surface is polished and craved, therefore, when it is touched, it has a dimensional surface.

lattice wall decor bdrhh

2. The number two is the lattice decoration with oriental design. This decoration as you see is common to find in the oriental home type. These decorations remind us about the home in Chinese movie or old Chinese movie.

lattice wall decor brsty

3. The number three is the lattice window decoration. These decoration shapes are like a window and made from the wood. They are colored with the blue color that contrasted with the wall painting.

lattice wall decor brstyy

4. The number four is the lattice wall decoration with the flower pattern. This lattice decoration is made from the wood material. Its surface is unpolished so makes a natural impression. This decoration is also hand carved.

lattice wall decor brtdy

5. The fifth is the symmetrical lattice decoration. This lattice decoration is also made from the wood material and is unpolished like the decoration in number four. However, this lattice decoration has a lighter color than the one in the number four.

lattice wall decor bsdrt

6. Then, the sixth lattice decorations are made from the bamboo. They are also being polished so they have the polished-wooden surface. Beautifully, these decorations have the carved flower figures in the middle.

lattice wall decor btnyy

7. The seventh is the three lattice decoration. These decorations consist of three models. Each model has a different pattern and color. Yet, all of them have unpolished surfaces that make them look antique and natural.

lattice wall decor drtnh

8. The number eight is the decoration with dome model. These decorations are designed from the wooden material or maybe the unused wood because their looks are very natural. In the middle part of the decoration is the symmetrical pattern.

lattice wall decor ryygg

9. The number nine is the flower patterned lattice decoration. The design of this lattice decoration is a flower with the leaves surrounds it. This lattice decoration is polished so the surface looks a bit glowing.

lattice wall decor veggg

10. The last is the square lattice decoration. This decoration consists of the flowery pattern and the circle pattern. Although this decoration is polished, the color doesn’t leave the natural look.

These are some examples of the lattice wall decoration. As you see above, these decorations are commonly made from the wood. It is because the wooden material is easier to be made. Commonly they are hand carved and polished. The lattice wall decoration is also common to be found in one and only design, that’s what makes them unique.

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