10+ Inspirations of Kids Wall Decoration

10+ Inspirations of Kids Wall Decoration – A function of a room can be represented with the decoration of that room. For example, in the kitchen, the wall decoration can be the cook types of equipment that hang. Another example is the decoration of the bathroom that is commonly presented in blue. In this article, we will present some inspirations of decoration for the kid’s room, whether it is their playroom, bedroom, or anything. The decoration for the kids’ room is usually colorful and has fun animations or figures.

kids wall decor hgfjj

1. This is the first example of the kids’ room decoration. The decoration is really colorful, and the cushion is colorful, too. The design of the decoration is the two giraffes and the mushrooms. This decoration performs really well on the white wall.

kids wall decor cjgfgf

2. This second decoration is really nice to be placed near the plant. The decoration can fill the wall because it has the length orientation.

kids wall decor fchgg

3. The third decoration is about the signs on the road. This decoration fills a certain corner in the playroom.  This decoration is not only fun but also educates the children.

kids wall decor ghggj

4. The fourth decoration is in the shape of bubbles. This decoration is as colorful as the bed itself. It has the domination of pink, green, and yellow. It goes really well with the bed that is also dominated by pink, blue, and green.

kids wall decor gjbgg

5. The next one is the decoration that made by the children themselves. It can be a good idea as well as motivate children to be creative. You can challenge the kids to decorate their own room with their own creation.

kids wall decor hnfnn

6. The sixth decoration represents the function of the room. Since this room function is to sleep, the decoration is also about the night. The stars are hanging and their color suits with the wall and the bed.

kids wall decor hvghc

7. The seventh decoration is very interesting. This figure lamp can substitute the sitting lamp during the night. The pictures on the cupboard also harmonious with the lamp. The lamps get along with the nuance of the picture beside.

kids wall decor jgvnb

8. This alphabetical decoration is very colorful and beneficial for kids and parents. The parents can teach them the alphabets using interesting media like this. Furthermore, this colorful decoration also matches with the furniture.

kids wall decor uhjgj

9. For a baby boy, maybe you can try a wall decoration like this. The baby boy tends to like transportation or animal decoration. This decoration is suitable for kids under 7 years old.

kids wall decor vjubfg

10. This wall decoration is also suitable for a boy. However, unlike the decoration number 9, this suits for the boy at the age of 7 until 12. This decoration about the planets and rockets will attract them.

Those what we have mentioned above are examples of the wall decoration for boy and girl about the age of several months until 12 years. If you want to decorate your kids’ room, you need to suits the decoration of their age, too.

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