10+ Inspirations of Decorative Ceramics Plates

10+ Inspirations of Decorative Ceramics Plates – Ceramic is always undeniably interesting to be used as the decoration. As we know that the ceramics is founded first in Egypt. Then people brought ceramic to Greece, China, etc. And it was developed from the house types of equipment to be decorations. Since then ceramic is decorated very beautifully.

If you see on the internet, the ancient people have decorated it with anything cultural. And now, ceramic is not only decorative yet also very easy to get. Here we have several plate decorations for a wall made from ceramic.

decorative ceramic wall plates dfgbjv

1. In this first ceramic decoration, the plates have different decoration for each. There are decorations of view, flowers, animal, and human. Mostly it is decorated with the flowers painting. They come in different size and arranged unevenly horizontally.

decorative ceramic wall plates dnyud

2. In the second decoration, this is the bluebirds. The decoration consists of four parts. For the blue plates, the birds are white. While for the white plates, the birds are blue. The plates as background are also decorated with flowers.

decorative ceramic wall plates drsgt

3. The next are the plates in the dining room. These ceramic decorations consist of round and rectangular plate shapes. All of their decorations are flowery. They also come very colorfully to decorate the wall.

decorative ceramic wall plates fdntd

4. The fourth is the ethnic wall plate. In this decoration. All their patterns are actually the same, however, although they have the same pattern, they have different colors. Some are in blue, brown, cream, and green.

decorative ceramic wall plates jrykyy

5. In the fifth decoration, the theme is about the sea. All of the decoration tells about animate and inanimate objects of the sea as well as the view of the sea. They also come in different size and uniquely there is a ceramic decoration in the shape of a fish.

decorative ceramic wall plates kryyyt

6. The next is the decoration for the dining room. In this decoration, the pattern is a flower. Furthermore, the colors of these decorations are black, silver, and gold. This decoration matches the brown wall.

decorative ceramic wall plates rntryh

7. The number seven is the alphabetic ceramic decoration. This decoration consists of four plates with the letter A until D. Each of them has monochromatic color and decoration also.

decorative ceramic wall plates trhhh

8. The eight is the blue flowery decoration. These decorations have the nuance of traditional and ethnic as you see in the motives and the color selection.

decorative ceramic wall plates vwgyj

9. The ninth is also about the traditional and ethnic ceramic plate decorations. However, although they have the same nuance as the decoration number eight, the decorations number nine have a different color selection. They are dominated with light blue and the orange.

decorative ceramic wall plates xftmy

10. The last is the dimensional plates. These ceramic plates have dimensional flowers motives. Furthermore, they come colorfully and have the spiral wires as the background.

The ceramic looks ethnic as the wall decoration. Furthermore, the motives that you can find out there will be ultra varied and beautiful. The ceramic wall plates are commonly placed in a group as we have seen in the pictures above.

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