10+ Inspirations of Country Living Room for Home

10+ Inspirations of Country Living Room for Home – Country theme is one among favorites home theme. Its characteristics are slightly the same with the vintage or traditional home theme. Like the vintage theme, the country theme is also common with the wooden material and nude or cream color. Instead of just describing it, maybe it is better if we see these examples of the country living room.

country living room sets dgngd

1. This living room has a very soft nuance. It is because this living room is dominated with very light cream color. Like the commonly country living room, this living room has also the wooden floor. The main thing that symbolizes the country look is the horse painting.

country living room sets dhbdt

2. What is best to describe this living room? Maybe the wooden house is the best. As we see, this house is made mainly with the wooden material. The wooden material is also used in the furniture itself. The wooden material makes this house is united with nature.

country living room sets fgxbfs

3. The main thing that makes this living room very unique is its shape itself which is crooked. This living room also has a fireplace that makes it as the typical country theme. Even though this living room is country themed, the furniture gives a modern touch to this living room.

country living room sets fxnbf

4. Although this living room has a rather small, its decoration makes this living room looks beautiful. Moreover, its wooden furniture material makes this living room is really country typical.

country living room sets fykjx

5. What do you think about this living room? It has a very cute design, right? Maybe the best definition for this living room is the country-sweet living room. This living room looks very cute because of its furniture and decoration that are colorful and full patterns.

country living room sets gnbdd

6. In this living room, the most attractive part is the windows. Its windows still have the old or traditional design. Moreover, with the attractive decorations on the wall and on the table, this living room looks gorgeous.

country living room sets gncxf

7. This living room has a country-grandiose concept. The grandiose feeling is because its size that is very big. The design of the furniture especially the table has a very vintage and traditional design. Another one that is also unique is the chandelier.

country living room sets hvjhk

8. This living room also has the unique shape of the wall. The combinations of several patterns of the sofas are making this living room to be more attractive.

country living room sets nfggd

9. This wall has a very unique design. Even though this living room is dominated with the wooden element, the pattern of wood in this living room makes it more colorful.

country living room sets ryyyr

10. Obviously, the French windows make this living room being more attractive. This living room is like the typical old times living room concept.

The country living room has the typical characters of the wooden material usage and the chandelier. Moreover, the shape of the windows is also important to make the living room has the country concept. The country design living room is still maintained especially in the mountainous or village house.  

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