10+ Inspirations of Coloring the Living Room

10+ Inspirations of Coloring the Living Room –When decorating the house, coloring is one of the most interesting stages. Coloring challenges our creativities, that’s why it is a nice process. Moreover, there are many options home decorations these days like wallpaper or wall tiles. Yet, still wall painting is also very interesting comparing to them. And this post will give several interesting inspirations about the wall decoration.

living room color ideas hjdfg

1.This living room wants to express the cheerfulness through colors. It is proven by two different bright colors as the main dominant factors. Moreover, the cushions are contrasted yet very attractive for the sofa composition.

living room color ideas hjhhg
living room color ideas hjhhg

2. If you look carefully, this wall is decorated with tiles. The yellow nuance here gives a refreshing and cheerful atmosphere for the whole room. Several flowery accents also add brightness to this living room.

living room color ideas hjhkl

3. This living room has a cool tone. This living room wall painting is ranged between the light green and grey. Commonly it can be called as mint. Therefore, this wall painting is very suitable with the grey furniture.

living room color ideas hjkjg

4. The accent wall in the fireplace area gives a different impression than the wall in beside. Moreover, the combination of light yellow, grey, and the white makes this living room looks so soft.

living room color ideas hjuki

5. Two contrast walls that side by side like this is very attractive. Moreover, the wall nuances are in accordance with sofa composition. The wooden with deep polish here is very suitable for red and white composition.

living room color ideas hkuyo

6. It is so hard not to see the wooden wall. This wooden wall is a creative partition between rooms. Moreover, the walls are used different colors for each. It makes this living room doesn’t look boring. Should be noted also in the area of wall decorations, there are contoured walls that make the wall looks beautiful.

living room color ideas hytru

7. Grey is indeed not boring at all. This is a kind of the attractive effortless color. Furthermore, it is very suitable to be partnered with wooden furniture decoration. The combination between them will create a vintage or classic atmosphere like this living room.

living room color ideas juyiu

8. This working room has an elegant yet creative design. The blue wall painting is matched with the washed out grey. The combination between them unexpectedly creates a creative tone. The brave in playing colors is indeed needed to create a unique room.

living room color ideas uouil

9. This house looks very beautiful and peaceful. The washed out white and the blue nuance here are a nice couple. The beautiful design of the furniture also cannot be forgotten.

living room color ideas vhjki

10. This dining room has creative and contemporary styles. The stripe colorful wall is very unique. This kind of wallpaper for sure is nice to try. The partnership between the striped colorful wall and the blue doors is very perfect.

Once again, you need to be brave in terms of color usage. Don’t be afraid to combine two colors that contrast to one another. Often, they look creative and artistic. Therefore, don’t be afraid to be different.

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