10+ Inspirations of Birch Tree Wall Decorations

10+ Inspirations of Birch Tree Wall Decorations – There are so many ways to make our home is like what we desire. For example, if you were unlucky for getting a home in a small apartment, you can play some trick to make your home looks bigger. For example, is applying the minimalist concept. The minimalist concept needs less furniture and decoration for a home.

Another example, you can give some accent on the wall to make the room looks bigger or higher like we will discuss in some designs below. Here we will focus on how the birch tree wallpaper will make your home is higher and beautiful.

birch tree wall decor drhbh

1. In the first birch tree wallpaper, the motive is in grey color. In this first birch tree decoration, its color is harmonious with the room theme that is dominated with the cream color. This room looks cozy because the color domination is soft.

birch tree wall decor drhch

2. In the second wallpaper, the birch tree wallpaper has the gradation color. The color gradation suits with this living room theme which is monochromatic. The pictures of the blackbirds also beautify this wallpaper.

birch tree wall decor ethyh

3. If you see the third design, maybe a thing that glimpses in your mind is that this room theme is autumn. It is because the birch tree wallpaper has the orange background and the black trees look contrast to the background. Furthermore, the red sofa also accentuates the autumn concept.

birch tree wall decor mjtcy

4. In the room number four, this room looks very cozy with the birch tree decoration. The wallpaper background is soft grey with a hint of light blue. Furthermore, the colors of the trees are harmonious with the bed color.

birch tree wall decor nrtjbh

5. In the fifth birch tree decoration, there are also pictures of the owls. This wallpaper with the owl picture suits with the room function which is to sleep. This room has also the theme of the tree which is shown through the decoration of the tree in another wall.

birch tree wall decor ntubu

6. In the sixth decoration, the birch tree decoration is in the form of a printed photo. The decoration looks stunning because it is so real with the yellow color on the photo. This decoration makes the room looks more cheerful.

birch tree wall decor nuruu

7. The seventh decoration is really cute and suits for the kid’s room. In this decoration, the wall is painted in all pink, however, the birch trees are painted together with the squirrel pictures.

birch tree wall decor rnjgj

8. In the decoration number eight, the room theme is the autumn. It is shown through the dried birch trees wallpaper. this wallpaper is dominated with the monochromatic color.

birch tree wall decor tbjjj

9. The ninth room concept is minimalist. The birch tree wallpaper is in grey which is harmonious with the room decoration.

birch tree wall decor ujftj

10. The last tree decoration is very unique because there are photos that are spread as if they were the fruits on the tree.

The birch tree decoration has a slender vertical pattern. This wallpaper pattern makes a room looks higher. Therefore, it is very applicable to a small room with a low ceiling.  

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