10+ Inspirational Japanese Wall Decorations

 10+ Inspirational Japanese Wall Decorations – The Japanese decoration is authentic and exclusive because it uses the traditional aspect in the decoration. The Japanese decoration always includes Japanese’s traditional aspects. For example is cherry blossom, the rising sun, white egret, etc. The Japanese home decoration is also very interesting to be talked. However, here we will focus on the Japanese Wall Decoration itself.

Japanese wall decorations aasdf

1. This restaurant benefits the wall as the storage room for dishes. This can be a certain attraction for the customers, so they will see the overall process of preparing and making the food. The open storage like this is also interesting to showcase the bowl’s uniqueness.

Japanese wall decorations aaszd

2. You must be often to see the window cover that makes the light still being able to pass through. This bathroom uses that certain window cover. While taking a bath, people are still being able to see the outside view.

Japanese wall decorations ddsrt

3. The wall decoration in this room looks very traditional. The decoration must be traditionally handmade, with the pictures of peacocks and the cherry blossom and the peonies. This fan wall decoration also suits well with the old cabinet and chairs under it.

Japanese wall decorations gghjf

4. Do you know tatami? Tatami is the root partition or sliding door in Japan. This room has a strong nuance of a Japanese home. It uses the tatami as the door and room partition.

Japanese wall decorations hhjui

5. If you ever saw the Japanese apartment, people there tend to have square patterns on their wall. Just like this kitchen, it has dark square wall decoration in their apartment.

Japanese wall decorations llkjh

6. The Japanese decoration also cannot be detached from the vertical paintings. The eastern Asian like Japan or Korea commonly has this kind of painting in their home. In this bedroom, the paintings are covered with the glass covered and attached on the wall plaque.

Japanese wall decorations qqweo

7. The Japanese traditional home actually has very simple decoration. Like this bedroom, it has tatami as the room decoration as well as the partition. While on the other side, it has only a medium vertical mirror.

Japanese wall decorations rrtfd

8. Just like picture number 3, this fan surely is handmade. It has very old looks with the dull paper and the painting of peony. The old design of the table below it really suits with the fan.

Japanese wall decorations sdafr

9. This bathroom is designed like the onsen or public bathroom in Japan. To get well with the wooden concept of the onsen, the wall decoration also has old look. The wallpaper pattern is a popular pattern in the Asian old movie.

Japanese wall decorations sooiu

10. This modern room still has traditional Japanese aspect inside. It is shown in the painted glass on the left side. A glass painting like this can also part the two function rooms.

The Japanese decoration usually has the keys in the pattern and the traditional aspect. Like what we have seen above, the decoration is always dominated by the Japanese authentic pattern. Or, the decoration applies the traditional aspect like tatami or onsen. The Japanese decoration is inarguably very beautiful for a home décor.

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