10+ Inspiration for Shelf Decoration

10+ Inspiration for Shelf Decoration – Nothing in the home can be left from concern. Every single aspect in a home should be given attention so they will not only functional but also aesthetic for the home, for example, is the shelf. Shelves can be the decorations in a home. A shelf in the home is the part that usually has many things on there. Therefore, you should put the attention on the shelf, too. Here we have some inspiration of the aesthetic shelf, check them out.

Decorative wall shelving aueirg

1. The first one is the parted shelf. This parted shelf is actually simple enough. What makes it unique is the design of lines that are parted. So, it can keep more things on.

Decorative wall shelving bftiuw

2. The second one is the triplets shelf. These shelves are actually simple and the edge part on both sides make these shelves is safe enough to keep things. You can place anything like books for example, without the stander, you can use the shelf edge to make the books keep straight.

Decorative wall shelving bgkwf

3. The third is the square monochrome shelves. These shelves are usually found in modern home concept. We often find them there. The good thing is that this design of shelf is unique. However, although it is unique, it cannot keep too many things and things that oriented vertically.

Decorative wall shelving cubgak

4. This linked square shelf is unique, right? However, although this shelf is unique, you cannot put many things there. You can keep things like the wall decoration that is also aesthetic and unique. This kind of shelf is made intentionally not for keeping things but more for the decoration.

Decorative wall shelving cugby

5. Let’s call this shelf the curvy shelf. This curvy shelf is like the linked square shelf. Its function is more like as the wall decoration instead of the things keeper. Therefore, it is better if you put on the decoration on there instead of things like the book for example.

Decorative wall shelving htfua

6. Thanks to its size because although it has limited spots for things, its big size can be the benefit to put things on. This five squares shelf can be benefitted to put things like candles, books, glass, or any decoration.

Decorative wall shelving kgavbh

7. This colorful square wall decoration is very suitable for the colorful home or a home with monochromatic wall painting. For this colorful square, you can keep big things on the upper side of the shelves, meanwhile, in the inner part, you can keep more little things.

Decorative wall shelving uciei

8. This craved ethnic shelf is suitable for ethnic concept house. The good things about this shelf are the design because it is quite unique and made in a group. However, you cannot keep things like a book here, because the size isn’t enough. You can keep small things like decoration or photographs.

Decorative wall shelving yukyi

9. This twins shelf uniquely has glass and lamps under the glass. Its size is also good enough to keep more things.

Decorative wall shelving

10. This vibrant shelf is very attractive. It will be more attractive if it is used to keep vibrant decoration too.

Okay, those are some common shelf as the decoration of the wall. Hopefully, you can get some inspirations from there.

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