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Posted at December 6, 2018 2:31 by in Furniture
transitional wall decor dtbjj

10 Ideas of Transitional Wall Decoration – The room decoration is absolutely the most interesting part of building a home. When building a home, we are the most excited what kind of theme we are going to apply. Next, we are excited again with the furniture we are going to purchase. When building a home, the home decoration is really important, let’s take a look.

transitional wall decor dtbjj

1. In number one, there is an apartment with a balcony in front of the bedroom. This bedroom is painted with brushes design. In the way to the balcony, there is a glass door so the owner is able to see the view in the outside.

transitional wall decor dtnee

2. In number two, there is a living room with a classic design. In this living room, the wall is painted with dark brown and the decoration is quite minimalist. There is only a single big mirror on a side of the wall and there are two paintings on another side.

transitional wall decor dvbte

3. The next, in number three. This is a bedroom in an apartment with the bed beside the window. This bedroom is the combination of the grey nuance with the light purple. The wall is all painted with the grey and there are only two simple decorations above the bed.

transitional wall decor fbgbb

4. Next, in number three there is a wide living room that has monochromatic nuance. This living room is very wide and bright because the window is very wide that is able to let enough brightness.

transitional wall decor rthhe

5. Then, in number five, this is a picture of a wide dining room with the mood of grey and the white. The dining table is placed exactly in the middle. On the table, there is a single window with three decorations near it.

transitional wall decor rthkk

6. Next, in number six, we see a super wide bedroom with white and cream elements. There is a protruding wall on a side, and a long sofa is placed near it to see the outside view. There is also a fireplace inside this bedroom.

transitional wall decor rtsbs

7. In number seven, we have a very cozy living room. This living room is not really big but it has height orientation. The center of this room is in the area of the high window. It makes this living room looks big.

transitional wall decor tynss

8. Again in number eight, we meet with a nice bedroom in an apartment. This bedroom has a vintage decoration that is seen through the wallpaper and the shape of the window.

transitional wall decor uyhvm

9. In number nine, there is a dining room that is completed with a fireplace. This dining room also has a portion of protrude area. The protruding area is used as the place to enjoy the wine.

transitional wall decor vrthw

10. The last in number ten, there is a simple yet elegant dining room. This dining room has a very beautiful color with the cream as the main element on the wall.

As we can see that designing a wall decoration is really interesting. To make the wall looks more attractive, you can have a protruding window area like some examples above.


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