10+ Ideas of Tassel Wall Decorations

10+ Ideas of Tassel Wall Decorations – There are many things around us that can be managed into a certain decoration. Moreover, now there are many ideas spread on the internet about making the home decorations by yourself, for example is the tassel decoration. Making your own decoration indeed needs more time, however, we can feel more content about it. And below we have some ideas about the tassel decoration that you may inspire from.

tassel wall decor eartv

1. The first is the curtain tassel decoration. This tassel decoration has a very big size. This tassel decoration looks very unique because it looks like a curtain. The tassels are hung in the bottom of the thread and are shaped wavy.

tassel wall decor eryww

2.  In number two, the tassel decoration is cute and aesthetic. This tassel has the blue color in the tip. If you see carefully, this tassel shape looks like a knitted sweater with lopping ends.

tassel wall decor sbtrh

3. The next is the brown tassel decoration. This tassel decoration is distinctive because the thread balls are hung and divided into five rows. The center row is the longest and each end of ball rows are decorated with the tassels.

tassel wall decor sbtrjs

4. The number four is the piled tassels. This tassel decoration is made from the brown and black yarn. This tassel decoration consists of smaller tassels that piled from level to level to create a volume.

tassel wall decor stbru

5. The next is the tassel decoration with the red end. This tassel is actually very simple and made from the white threads. The red ends of this tassel make it looks nice. This tassel moreover, looks very aesthetic for a living room decoration.

tassel wall decor veryay

6. In number six, we find blue tassel decoration. This tassel decoration consists of smaller tassel with graduation from the dark blue to the lighter blue. These smaller tassels are hung with the gold yarn. This blue tassel decoration is indeed the gigantic one.

tassel wall decor vrtxbd

7. The next is the light blue tassel decoration. This tassel decoration is very easy to make, and you may try it at home. Unlike the previous tassel that hung in the wooden stick, this tassel is hung in the metal stick.

tassel wall decor vtayj

8. The number eight is the brown tassel. This brown tassel decoration has a big size. Moreover, it consists of smaller tassels that structured into a certain shape. This tassel is hung in the wooden stick.

tassel wall decor watut

9. The number nine is the very simple white tassel. This tassel is the simplest tassel we have mentioned. That’s why you are very able to make this kind of tassel at home.

tassel wall decor xtbdu

10. The last tassel is the dark blue tassel. This tassel consists of 7 tassels and it has ombre decoration as shown with the color gradation.

The tassel is a home decoration that is easy to make. You will easily find the making tutorial from the internet canals. Furthermore, this decoration does really suits for the ethnic home design, traditional home design, folk home design, or bohemian home design. This tassel decoration is also flexible to be placed in any room.

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