10+ Ideas of Tables for the Living Room

10+ Ideas of Tables for the Living Room –What will you choose, the design or the functionality? It is impossible to choose one between them. For sure, we are going to choose the furniture which the function can meet what we need as well as having the design that eye-pleasing. What we call as being good is different from one another, but we are going to present you the living room table with several kinds of genre.

living room table ideas dgbgf

1.This living room has a concept that is quite common. The use of the colors here are also considered safe. The furniture design is also quite common in the market. The table is simple with black color and a slot for keeping things.

living room table ideas fhtdy

2. This living room is really total in terms of the furniture design. Although the room is decorated really simple, yet the furniture has nice frames. Especially the blue chairs. The table also has unique frames.

living room table ideas fhtyu

3. Several different colors that contrast from one another like shown in this room can create an eclectic look, especially if each of them has the different basic design. Because of the cheerful color, this living room looks artistic.

living room table ideas fthyy

4. Let’s highlight the design of the room first. This living room is presented with a very amazing and eye-pleasing view. The modernity inside the house is in a contrast with the natural vibe outside. All the furniture here includes the table, has the slim feet frames.

living room table ideas gcbgg

5. If you look more carefully, the owner places the book in a very creative way. Beside the chair near the door, there is a pile of books with that is used as the support of the lamp. The table itself is designed with the slim frame.

living room table ideas ghghg

6. What makes the Scandinavian decoration very attractive is, it tries to bring a glimpse of ancient vibe while framing it in a modern picture. That’s why the outcomes are always unique. Like the roundtables here for example.

living room table ideas gnghh

7. It is hard to take your eyes from the table of this living room. The feet design are very unusual. Instead of being straight, these feet are designed like the group of several triangles.

living room table ideas gyjuy

8. The tray as well as the table, which is the definition of the roundtable here. This living room has an eye-pleasing view even if its size is quite small. This modern Scandinavian decoration surely never fails to please us.

living room table ideas vbdgg

9. If you want to be creative, you should adopt the recycling furniture. Like the wheeled table here for example. There is no one has the same design since it is made from the unused thing.

living room table ideas vjngh

10. If your house is too small, why don’t you just share the dining table as the living room table also? It is a nice place for inviting the guest, though.

We hope that several designs above can help you to choose the table living room. It’s good to choose the design that suits the design of your sofa.

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