10+ Ideas of Sleeper Sofa Set

10+ Ideas of Sleeper Sofa Set – The living room has incredible functions. It is not only as a place of gathering with family or welcoming the guests. But more than that, living room can be functioned as the reading room, place for relaxing, and even to sleep. That’s why in this last decade, the sofa that is facilitated with the sleeper set has been popular. Let’s check some designs of the sofa with sleeper set below.

sleeper sofa living room sets bdjdj

1. This living room is indeed very cozy. It gets the proper light from the window that surrounds it. The velvet sofa is facilitated with a sleeper. The sleeper itself has a distinctive cover from the sofa. The cover is a kind that removable use.

sleeper sofa living room sets cbfng

2. The most common sofa and sleeper sets are like this. The sleeper is on the edge of the sofa. The sleeper looks vague at first glance. The table in this living room comes in a series with the sofa itself.

sleeper sofa living room sets dfbab

3. In the first sight, this sofa looks like the common sofa, but if you look more carefully, it has the sleeper set at the end. This vague is because the sleeper set is quite short. This sofa itself has the color that is presented with the same nuance as the wall painting and the decorations. 

sleeper sofa living room sets dfbsb

4. This living room is very fresh interior design. It is because of the window wall, the wall painting, and the plants as the decorations. The sofa itself has a simple yet multifunctional design as we see in this picture. The sofa is made with two levels, and the under level is used as the sleeper.

sleeper sofa living room sets dfbvdf

5. Maybe if you have a smaller home, you can benefit multifunctional furniture like this. This sofa itself has a mini and simple design. It is made from the black velvet material. The sleeper at the end saves space for the bedroom.

sleeper sofa living room sets dgbza

6. Like several sofas above, this sofa is also made from the velvet material. Unlike common sleeper-sofa set that has the extension sleeper part at the edge, this whole sofa can be benefitted as the bed once you arrange it. This is very multifunctional and able to accommodate more persons.

sleeper sofa living room sets fbgsb

7. What’s on our mind when you first see this living room? It has a vintage-modern design, right? The modern vibe especially is presented with the monochrome decoration and the sofa set. The sofa itself also looks luxury with leather grey material.

sleeper sofa living room sets fgbbf

8. This leather sleeper-sofa set is also very multifunctional. Not only because its size that is big, but also its size that can accommodate more than a person as a bed.

sleeper sofa living room sets gdbdn

9. Like the common sofa, this sofa comes with several parts. Some parts can be combined as a whole space for sleeping.

sleeper sofa living room sets gnfnm

10. Like the sofa in number eight, this sofa is also very multifunction. Its size can accommodate about two until three persons to sleep. The most interesting is the fur blanket.

Like we already knew from these pictures, a sleeper-sofa set is worth to have. It is very multifunctional especially if you have less area for bedroom.  

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