10+ Ideas of Purple Wall Decor

10+ Ideas of Purple Wall Decor – Every color has its own meaning and symbol.  Sometimes people decorate their room with a certain color to enhance the meaning or express something behind a color. For example, some people tend to paint their home in red so they will be energized during the day. or some people want to stay calm by applying white or blue color. The yellow meanwhile is to make a house looks cheerful.

Here we will give some ideas of wall painting in purple. Purple can be seen as an endless love. This color is categorized in the same family as pink, therefore, its decoration may be accompanied by pink also.

purple wall decor dbsnh

1. The first is the all in purple decoration. In this decoration, the things in purple are the wall, the door, the lamp, as well as the cushions and the painting. If usually the modern theme of a home is decorated in monochromatic, you can choose an alternative like this in which the color is more cheerful.

purple wall decor iuvaa

2. The next purple decoration is purple for the kids’ room. In this design, if you see more detail, the cupboard is also in purple so it is sublimed with the color of the wall. The cupboard, bed, the work desk, and the big cushion are in purple.

purple wall decor jvgas

3. In the third design, the wall is not in vibrant purple, yet the soft purple. The vibrant purple is for the sofa itself, the wall decoration is also a painting with rainbow color and the color of purple includes in it.

purple wall decor kjvead

4. In this design, the cupboard is attached to the wall. And it is painted the same as the wall painting, so the cupboard and the wall are sublimed to each other. The color of them is purple with the additional pattern of grey and white checkered.

purple wall decor mkmtm

5. The fifth decoration is a dark purple wall with the accent of white bubbles. The bed is also purple as well as the curtain.

purple wall decor ndrth

6. he next is the painting of purple. This painting is very vibrant since the color is dominated with the purple and blue while the wall is white.

purple wall decor niyym

7. The seventh design is the soft purple of the wall with the decoration of mirrors. Besides of the four mirrors, there are pictures on each side.  The purple only dominates the wall here.

purple wall decor nmrii

8. The next is the fashionable theme of a bedroom. This bedroom theme is fashion which is shown with the decoration on the wall. The purple color decorates the wall, and it is harmonious with black and white.

purple wall decor nriir

9. The ninth is the combination of dark and soft purple. The bigger area of the wall is for the soft purple while the smaller area on the wall is for the dark purple.

purple wall decor senyh

10. And then, the purple is still well combined as shown by the wall and the abstract painting on it.

The color of purple makes the room looks more girly and soft. This color is nice for any room concept like modern, minimalist, etc.  

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