10+ Ideas of Plants as Home Decorations

10+ Ideas of Plants as Home Decorations – The plants have been very popular for making a home looks fresher. The greenness in the home gives the peaceful feelings. Moreover, many people may not realize that the green plant in the home makes the air healthier because they absorb the pollutants in the home. Many people don’t expect the pollutants at the home, right? That’s why here we are will give you some ideas of locating plants as a decoration as well as a pollutant absorber.

indoor wall planters decor beyyy

1. In the first picture, wee the orchid in a pot. Orchid is one of the plants that have the distinctive shape of a flower. As we look that this house has minimalist decoration dominated with white appearance, therefore, this white pot and orchid are perfect decorations.

indoor wall planters decor dbhsu

2. The folk or bohemian home concept usually has many plants for the interior decoration. As we see in this folk home design, the home is filled with plants. You can copy this way of placing, like putting some plants on the stair as a home decoration.

indoor wall planters decor erbgae

3. In number three, there are attached plants on the wall. You can plant the plants with spiraling branch if you want to have a certain accent on the wall. The plants like this are usually the kind of berries like strawberry.

indoor wall planters decor ujyfhf

4. In the fourth design, the room looks very fresh because the wall is filled with plants. Now, the pots are made into many shapes. For example is this rectangular collective pot. This kind of pot can accommodate many plants.

indoor wall planters decor uytcjh

5. The number five is also the collective pot. This kind of pot is very unique and you can plant many different plants in it. This collective pot is quite small and lovely. This pot suits with the bricked wall.

indoor wall planters decor verhs

6. The number six is the big pot in an ethnic house. The pots here also have an interesting vintage design. This kind of pot design suits with the ethnic vintage decoration like this. Placing one or just two plants for the home is enough.

indoor wall planters decor vetet

7. If you want a simpler pot, you can choose a pot design like this. This pot size is quite small, therefore, you can place some of them on the wall. The green aspect like a plant on the wall makes the wall decoration looks fresh.

indoor wall planters decor vetgy

8. The pot number eight is actually can be made by yourself. The materials are only the wooden board and some glass bottles. Although this is handmade, this pot looks unique. Having the different plants for each bottle makes the pot is more aesthetic.

indoor wall planters decor vtraet

9. There are many unique pots, for example, is this one. This pot shape is a circle. This pot is made from the metal and glass material. These cactus support the pot to be a unique decoration.

indoor wall planters decor wrwct

10. The last is also a distinctive pot that made from the wood and placed in the kitchen. You can plant vegetables here.

The plants are undeniably the beautifier of a home interior. You can also plant the vegetables or fruit in the pot and place them in the house.

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