10+ Ideas of Oversized Wall Decorations

10 Ideas of Oversized Wall Decorations – In decorating a home, the decoration is the beautifier. Without the decoration, a home is like a drink without a taste. Therefore, the decoration is almost as important as the furniture. The wall decoration especially has a very varied design. And now we are going to discuss the gigantic or oversize decoration.

oversized wall decor asgyy

1. In the first picture, the living room design is occupied with monotonous grey. The painting here does look stunning that’s why it looks dominating the wall. Its size is also very big with the horizontal orientation.

oversized wall decor bfhdr

2. In number two, the living room is very big. This living room has a very modern design that is shown through the modern furniture and minimalist interior. The wall is very long, that’s why to avoid emptiness on the wall, the owner hangs three ultra big paintings here.

oversized wall decor bhtrj

3. In the living room number three, the area is actually not too wide but it is very long. This room is simply decorated with a gigantic painting. This room has a very adequate light because the window area is very big, too.

oversized wall decor btyyu

4. In number four, this living room is very wide. Uniquely, this living room has a lower surface than the room beside it. The wall of this living room is covered with the grey tiles. There are three big decorations in this living room, two of them are contemporary paintings, and in the corner, there is a gigantic bookshelf.

oversized wall decor dhsrjj

5. The living room number five has a vintage design. This room is all grey and the wall decorations are the main focuses in this room. The wall itself is painted in grey and consists of a big clock in the middle and several shelves surround it.

oversized wall decor dtujkk

6. The next is the cream-colored living room. This living room is very bright with the light color selection. In this living room, the wall is dominated with the black decoration. This abstract decoration is made from iron material.

oversized wall decor fgbbb

7. The living room number seven is very unique. It has a contemporary pop theme which is shown by the lamps, wall decorations, and a hanging sitting pillow. The wall is covered with the grey wallpaper and there are three printed graphics of musician figures.

oversized wall decor fggds

8. The next is the cute and small living room decoration. This living room size is very small, therefore, there is only a single decoration on the wall. The wall itself is occupied with the grey wallpaper and there is a decoration on it in the shape of a sun. This decoration itself is made from the metal.

oversized wall decor fxjhll

9. The next is also a grey living room. The wall in this living room is covered with the grey tiles. The grey tile itself makes this room like having the modern-industrial concept. The only wall decoration is the wooden dimensional frame on the wall.

oversized wall decor tydjj

10. The last is the orange room. This room has to aver big white decoration. the decoration itself has the picture that focuses on the upper part.

The big decoration can be a solution if you are unwilling to many types of decoration on the wall. The big domination decoration is indeed enough to beautify the wall.

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