10+ Ideas of Mint Wall Decorations

10+ Ideas of Mint Wall Decorations – The color of the room can bring a certain mood to the homeowner. For example, if your house theme is the industrial home, then the room color usually dominated with the monochromatic room, and it gives the mood of creativity. Meanwhile, if the house concept is folk, the rooms are commonly dominated with the white color. Therefore, the mood is calm. Here we are going to discuss certain color for the wall decoration, which is the mint color. Let’s check them out.

mint wall decor xfthh

1. In the first room decoration, the walls are decorated with the combination of mint and grey.  The mint is the center since it is used as the center of the room. The mint wall is well combined with the black and mint bed.

mint wall decor beryy

2. The second is the mint room for the girl bedroom. Like the first design, the mint wall is also the center because it is used for the center furniture in the room. Also similar with the first design, this mint wall is also combined with the grey wall.

mint wall decor btsyat

3. In this third bedroom design, the design is filled with mint color. Not only for the wall painting, even the curtain and the sofa and pillows are also in mint. In this room, the mint color well combined with the broken white color.

mint wall decor bwiyf

4. In the fourth interior, the mint room decoration is employed for the baby bedroom. The walls are the combinations of mint and white wall painting. The mint and white are also used in the furniture and decorations also.

mint wall decor ebywy

5. The room number five is the pop vintage bedroom. The wall painting is mint color, as well as for the bed and the floor. In this bedroom, the mint color is combined with the wooden aspect of the furniture.

mint wall decor egvwt

6. The number sixth, this room is also dominated with the mint color in the wall, curtain, and the bad aspects. However, the ceiling is painted in white. The mint domination in this room makes a calm and peaceful vibe for the bedroom.

mint wall decor evhyy

7. In-room number seven, the main interest of the bedroom is also decorated with the wall plaque. The wall plaque is designed with the tree printed picture on it.  This wall plaque makes the room more colorful.

mint wall decor srtby

8.  If usually the sea themed house is dominated with the blue color, this house is different. This house is dominated with the mint color for the wall. And other decorations are also in green although some are in blue.

mint wall decor srvtb

9. The bedroom number nine is the combination of mint and grey color. Almost all aspects in this room are in mint.

mint wall decor tvaet

10. The bedroom number ten is also full of green nuance. The wall paint is mint and the decorations are common with the green tone.

The mint is still in the same family with green, therefore, the application of this color for a room gives such peace vibe. This color suits for the place like a bedroom or living room.

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