10+ Ideas of Landscaping with Trees

10+ Ideas of Landscaping with Trees – Beautifying the garden with the trees will bring many benefits. Besides, it decorates the garden, the trees are the shady element for the home. Furthermore, for people who live in the big city, the trees can absorb carbon dioxide. Therefore, it brings physical health especially for the lungs. Here we will give you some ideas for decorating the garden with the trees.

1. Sometimes there are sitting places in the garden. To make such a place is cozier, you can plant some trees like this picture. People sit there will feel cool. Furthermore, the tree-like spruce doesn’t need much treatment.

Landscaping With Trees gawgr

2. To make your garden looks cheerful during the spring, you can add some vibrant color rather than green. When they are growing, they will look like forming a line like this.

Landscaping With Trees hsskm

3. One idea of shielding your house from direct sunlight is by planting the tree in front of the window. When you see from the inside, it looks beautiful. And it also makes your house keep cool. You can use the trees instead of a curtain for the back window.

Landscaping With Trees kdihhe

4. If you want your garden looks like a Japanese yard, you can plant a certain tree that has the flowers resemble the cherry blossom. During the spare time, you or other family members can spend time there. Or during the spring, you can have a picnic in your own garden.

Landscaping With Trees kkehv

5. As much as you can, benefit the empty area in your garden to plant the trees. Why trees? Because planting the trees instead of flowers or grass gives more benefits. In short, it’s like a long time investment.

Landscaping With Trees kkjayLandscaping With Trees kkjay

6. Filling your garden with many kinds of plants is also a good idea. Choose a different size and color, and your garden will look beautiful. To make the area around the trees is not empty, you can plant some there.

Landscaping With Trees kkurq

7. If you ever been in the labyrinth garden, you surely know how is the labyrinth plant. It is not only aesthetic but also useful as the border of the garden or border with your neighbor. This kind of plant is also a good photo spot.

Landscaping With Trees ldeou

8. The spruce is one of the plants that are easy to be found. It has more benefits than you think. During the common season, it is a shady aspect for the house. During the winter, it beautifies the garden. And during the Christmas, you don’t need to buy artificial spruce.

Landscaping With Trees lldieh

9. If you ever saw Japanese garden, the plants are about like these. The plants are quite colorful and the bamboo also includes in the garden.

Landscaping With Trees llkgrt

10. If you mean to decorate the house traditionally, planting many trees randomly is a good idea. You don’t need certain decoration or structure. As long as there are many trees, your tropical-traditional house is complete.

Decorating your garden is actually as much as the same with decorating your home interior. It depends on your taste and what concept you will express.  

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