10+ Ideas of Home Gym Decorations

10+ Ideas of Home Gym Decorations –Back and forth to the gym several times a week can make us think how much we have spent. If we count it carefully, the cost of going to the gym many times is the same as the cost of its equipment. That’s why instead of going back and forth to the gym, what’s about having your own gym? It is a long time investment, though.

home gym for small spaces bgfhg

1.With the simple design, this home gym is designed as for how it is functioned. The window in this room is big enough for letting the natural lights in. Furthermore, the television here is also very beneficial for completing the mattress.

home gym for small spaces bgfhr

2. This home gym also has a very simple design. The gym equipment is placed next to each other and leaving the empty place in the middle of the room.

home gym for small spaces futyy

3. If you have a room near the yard or near the open space, you can use it as the place for the home gym. It is important to make a nice air circulation within the gym room, therefore it is recommended to use the room with many windows or sliding door.

home gym for small spaces gfhhg

4. This one is also the example of a nice gym room with the access of the open air. Therefore, while you doing the workout, you can open the doors. Furthermore, the open area with the green look will make you stay refresh while doing the workout.

home gym for small spaces gfhyt

5. Besides placing the television inside the gym room, you can place several wall decorations inside the room. Not only that, place the fan to make the air keeps cool. It is also very important to have enough lighting inside the room.

home gym for small spaces gggfs

6. Besides of the equipment itself, it is important to complete the gym room with the mattress or carpet or something that is soft enough to avoid from floor injuries. You can facilitate with the changing room in the corner of the room like shown in this picture.

home gym for small spaces ghfhg

7. If your home is wide enough, you can add the gym area beside the swimming pool. Therefore, the work out area is grouped into one like this. The wooden floor is also a good idea for the gym room inside of the tiled floor.

home gym for small spaces gttry

8. The most important of the gym room is not only the equipment but the facilities that support it is also very important. You can also decorate the gym room with some photographs or pictures.

home gym for small spaces gujyu

9. The gym room is incomplete without the mirror. The mirror will be very beneficial if you want to see what change you have made to your body.

home gym for small spaces hjyuu

10. The big mirror like shown in this room is not only beneficial to look whether your move is right or not, but also to create wider room illusion.

Have you gotten any ideas after watching the designs above? Besides the equipment itself, don’t forget the facilities like changing room, the fan, and any other decoration.

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