10+ Ideas of Dining Room with Kitchen

10+ Ideas of Dining Room with Kitchen – To save space, people sometimes combine two functional areas in the same space. For examples are the kitchen and the dining room, and the bathroom with the bedroom. Combining two functional areas is actually a good idea, especially if you have limited home space. People who live in a dense city usually very smart to decorating their house so all the home function is fulfilled while their home still looks spacious.

Dining room with kitchen asayh

1. Although this dining room is shared the same space with the kitchen, their area isn’t small. The dining room is located in the middle, so it is easily accessed. The gap between the kitchen and the dining room also makes the cook easily walk and move.

Dining room with kitchen bisru

2. In this dining room kitchen, the dining table faces the window. If you have a small space for the dining room and kitchen, you can make this trick. So, when the dining table is unused, you can use the foldable table.

Dining room with kitchen bjjjss

3. Just like the ordinary kitchen and the dining table, they are placed parted. The area for the kitchen is bigger than the dining room. Moreover, the color selection for the dining table is contrastive with the nuance of the kitchen.

Dining room with kitchen brurc

4. Since this house has a big space, the space between the kitchen and the dining room is benefited as the place for the shelf. The dining room with the kitchen has a bit different concept. The dining room is dominated with woods, while the kitchen isn’t.

Dining room with kitchen dbbcy

5. This kitchen has two big dining tables. These two dining tables have two different themes. One dining table is a wooden theme, while another is sofa theme. However, overall this dining table and the kitchen has a luxury theme.

Dining room with kitchen djfvhjk

6. This kitchen and the dining table have the theme of rustic. It can be seen from the selection of wood as the furniture material. Moreover, the dining table also faces the outside view of the yard.

Dining room with kitchen ffhgh

7. The theme for this kitchen and the dining table is the modern style. This is shown through the shape of the furniture that looks futuristic. Moreover, it can be seen also through the floor material from the black marble.

Dining room with kitchen kbcue

8. This kitchen and the dining table is also similar to the design number 5. This kitchen has double dining tables, so it is quite enough for a home party. The kitchen cabinet’s design is simple and it looks harmonious with the wooden floor.

Dining room with kitchen lehhj

9. This kitchen and the dining table has a modern concept overall. However, the differences are shown through the color selection, where the dining table area is monochrome while the kitchen area is white.

Dining room with kitchen vlauh

10. This kitchen besides having a double dining table, it also has unique corner near the window. There are a little stair and sitting room to see the view and benefitted as the shelf.

For the kitchen with the small dining table, it is the kind of tips to save more space. You can use a foldable dining table if you also have a small area for the dining room.

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