10+ Ideas of Decorating Small Wall

10+ Ideas of Decorating Small Wall – Having a wide wall is good, but not necessarily having the small wall or narrow wall is not good. It depends on us how to decorate the wall itself. Decorating the home, especially the wall is actually an enjoyable activity. It requires us to spill our creativity. Moreover, today getting the ideas from the internet is very easy. Okay, let’s not take it too long. Here we gonna discuss how to decorate a small wall. Check this out.

small wall decor ideas dfvter

1. The first, to decorate a small wall, employ a big yet simple decoration like in this picture. As you see in this picture there are only two decorations on the wall. These two have a very big size yet they are very simple.  They also have harmonious color as the room decoration.

small wall decor ideas dgesg

2. The second wall decoration concept is the same as the first picture. The decoration comes in single and it has ultra big size. The vertical pattern of this decoration gives the impression of a higher wall.

small wall decor ideas erawt

3. In the third decoration, as you see that the walls are clean enough from the decoration. On one side, the decorations are only the wallpaper and a single mirror. At the other side, to make bigger looks to the wall, the canvas is placed on the floor.

small wall decor ideas gdegg

4. As you see in this picture that the living room is small enough. The concept of this room is also simple. To make the room bigger, the wall and furniture are in bright color. Furthermore, there is only single decoration for each side of the wall.

small wall decor ideas getww

5. The number five, this small living room is decorated with so many pictures. To avoid the impression of the small room, the pictures decoration are placed horizontally, so the room looks wider.

small wall decor ideas rbyse

6.  In the room number six, the wall is common with the pictures framed. Since the ceiling in this room is not that high and the wall area is small, the pictures are placed vertically. Like you see above the bed the quote pictures orientation are vertical.

small wall decor ideas srvdt

7. As we see that this room is actually not really big and already full of the furniture. Therefore, the homeowner covers a side of the wall with gigantic mirrors. Therefore, when someone sees the room, it looks bigger.

small wall decor ideas vdrgg

8. In the eight design, the room decoration is quite simple. The wall is painted in brown and the only decoration is the white painting in the middle. The minimum decoration leaves more place on the wall.

small wall decor ideas vdtat

9. In this decoration, although the decoration size is quite big, it doesn’t matter to the wall size. It is because the shape of the decoration is the lining frame, so the wall part is much seen.

small wall decor ideas vrttt

10. In the last picture, the small wall is bulked with paintings. However, it doesn’t make the wall look smaller because the big and bright paintings are dominating.

There are some things should be noticed to make a room looks bigger. The first is also using gigantic decoration, second is leave more place for the empty wall, and the third is placing a big mirror.  

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