10+ Ideas of Curved Wall Decor

10+ Ideas of Curved Wall Decor – If a room is analogized as a face, then the wall is the eye. The wall is a very important aspect of a room. The wall is the beautifier of a room. Therefore, many people like to make the wall area to be unique. For example, is making the wall curved. Here we gonna see some decorations for the curved wall.

curved wall decor arxff

1. In this first design, the curved wall is designed with two layers. The first layer is the common wall, and the second is the wooden wall. Between the first layer and the second layer, there are shelves at the corner. This layered wall is like a frame for the bed.

curved wall decor bdtrh

2. The second wall decor is the partition in the bathroom. This curved wall is tiled and there is three niches area on this wall. Each niches part is filled with a round metal decoration, and the second and third are filled with the plants.

curved wall decor bfjhr

3. In the third curved wall, the wall has covered the bedroom. The wall is covered with the grey plain tiles. The curved wall is also used as the sliding door place. In the end, this bedroom looks like a capsule.

curved wall decor dbjjdd

4. The fourth is the wooden curved wall. This wall is decorated with a wood pattern.  This wooden wall has a lining pattern. However, behind this wooden wall is still another layer of the wall.

curved wall decor erhth

5. The next curved wall is the border wall with the kitchen. This curved wall is layered with the wood and painted in white. This home concept is minimalist all white.

curved wall decor nfmkl

6. The sixth curved wall is also located in the bedroom just like the third picture. In this bedroom, the curved wall is only on one side.  The curved wall is presented in two tones. Another one is layered with the white wallpaper, and the other one is layered with the mirror.

curved wall decor scegg

7. The curved wall number seven is very unique. This wall is iron sheeted and painted in green. The curved wall here is the partition of one room to another. There are two rooms with a curved wall in this house.

curved wall decor vetrh

8. In the eight design, the curved wall is the partition between the bedroom and the living room. The curved wall here is tiled with grey abstract motive. The curved wall color is matched with the home decoration that is dominated with white.

curved wall decor vrbnn

9. In the ninth decoration, the curved wall seems not in the house, yet an office.  the curved wall here is shaped like the wave. The curved wall is covered with the wooden sticks. The model of the curved wall is the same with the ceiling.

curved wall decor vrhee

10. In the design of the last number, the curved wall is also used as the place for the cupboard. This curved wall is made with the wooden material.

The curved wall makes your home interior looks more unique. Maybe you can try this method if you tend to avoid many decorations.

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