10+ Ideas of basement wall decoration

10+ Ideas of basement wall decoration – In a house, a basement is usually used as the more private areas like the playroom, home theater, etc. Basement is common to be used as the place that is more isolated from the guests. The basement is generally the special area for the homeowners. Below we have several examples of basement wall decoration according to their functioning, let’s take a look.

basement wall decor gdfhf

1. In this first design, the basement is used as the meeting room and the reading room. For an office, this strategy is appropriate to avoid the noise in the upstairs. The wall is decorated simply with the bookshelves and a single painting.

basement wall decor febjj

2. In the second picture, like we see that the basement consists of two rooms. There are home theater and the laundry room in this basement. The wall decoration of the home theater is blue painted and there are placed so many photos.

basement wall decor fffdd

3. In the third basement, it is used as the living room and mini bar. The wall in the mini bar is covered with grey wall planks and some photos. While the wall beside is covered with the tiles. And at the living room area, there is a red wall and the wall that covered with photos.

basement wall decor ibugg

4. The number four, the basement is used as the playroom. The wall is painted in maroon and there are so many masculine decorations here like the emblems, boxing photo, bow, hockey equipment, etc.

basement wall decor jmhcg

5. In the number five, the basement is used as the living room. The wall is all covered with the wallpaper. There are three tones of wallpaper in this basement. The first is the vertical brown wallpaper, the second is the wallpaper with the wood pattern, and the last is the brick pattern wallpaper.

basement wall decor jvhcg

6. Number six, the basement is also used as the home theater. This home theater wall has two tones. The first is the brown painted that covers 2/3 of the wall, and the 1/3 part is covered with the wooden plank.

basement wall decor ngfft

7. The number seven is also a home theater basement. This basement design is elegant and classic. The wall is painted in cream color, and there is a framed decoration on the wall. The wall decoration in this basement is very minimum.

basement wall decor tchfd

8. Like some we mentioned before, this basement is also used as the home theater area. In the theater area, the wall is covered with natural stones, that makes the surface dimensional. And on another side, the wall is painted in brown with many photographs.

basement wall decor uitet

9. In the number nine, the basement is used as the playroom. The wall area is decorated very simply. All the room is painted in cream and there are some picture decorations.

basement wall decor ytxhr

10. The last basement has the simplest wall decoration. The room is painted in all white and a single decoration is placed near the stairs.

The basement is commonly used as the home theater. We have a tip for you that is to place the sound-damper so the noise won’t reach upstairs. Hope you enjoy it!

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basement wall decor ngfftbasement wall decor fffddbasement wall decor ibuggbasement wall decor ytxhrbasement wall decor  gdfhfbasement wall decor jvhcgbasement wall decor jmhcgbasement wall decor uitet

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