10+ Ideas for Living Room Lamps

10+ Ideas for Living Room Lamps – To choose the furniture for the home, it is really important to consider its design. The design of the furniture is a significant part to support the look of a room. Even the small furniture or decoration like a lamp needs to be considered. Therefore, we will give you some inspirations of lamp design that may inspire you in purchasing it.

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1. This first lamp is mainly benefitted as the reading friend. Like we know that the sitting lamp commonly helps us to light from a close distance. This lamp has the main authentic character in its crooked neck.

living room lamp sets dfbre

2. The lamps in this living room are from the same series. The main thing that is pointed out from these lamps is the silver body. Therefore, because of this silver body design, these lamps suit for the theme of this living room. This living room theme itself is the modern metropolis.

living room lamp sets dfbte

3. Maybe when you see this lamp, one thing that walks on your mind is, this lamp has the industrial or modern design. And yes it is, the bar of this lamp has a very typical industrial lamp design. Meanwhile, its head has a common design of the sitting lamp or standing lamp.

living room lamp sets dgnsr

4. The same two lamps are very common to be used in the living room. It is mainly because people commonly don’t want their home to look too noisy. The uniformed decorations or furniture like this is beneficial to make a room doesn’t look too much.

living room lamp sets fdbdg

5. As we said before the uniformed furniture or decoration like the lamps in this picture is beneficial to make the room doesn’t look too much. The sitting lamps like in this picture creates the dim light for the living room or bedroom.

living room lamp sets fdgbe

6. The main function of the sitting lamp is actually not as the main light source. But, it is beneficial as the decorations like in this living room.

living room lamp sets gdbhd

7. Like the standing lamp in number three, this standing lamp also has an industrial concept. The difference is, this standing lamp has three joints in its bar. Its head also has a common design, but the black color makes this lamp looks elegant and cool.

living room lamp sets gdbst

8. What’s on your mind when you see this lamp? Does it have a very unique design right? Especially its head, unlike the common lamp that faces the floor, the head of this lamp faces the ceiling. The under part of this lamp is also very authentic.

living room lamp sets gndry

9. You surely agree if we say that the main part that is unique for this standing lamp is its foot. Unlike the common standing lamp that has the single bar as the foot, the foot of this lamp is branched into four.

living room lamp sets sfbgf

10. Many room designs are using more than a lamp to decorate them. Yes, mainly these lamps are used for the decoration. The light they create also beautify the room.

The standing or sitting lamps are common to be used as the decoration. That’s why it is important to choose them according to its design, not only the light they create.

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