10+ How to Present Modern-Rustic Feeling in the Bedroom

10+ How to Present Modern-Rustic Feeling in the Bedroom – It is needed the brave and the creativity to mix two contrast design in a single room. The result of the mixing is often hard to define in a single title. However, the mixing design can bring new nuance and the eclectic sense. This principle is the same as the bohemian style. But here we are going to present the mixing decoration between modern and rustic design. The combinations of both resulting attractive designs. Let’s take a look.

modern rustic bedroom furniture bvvcz

1.The modern and the rustic design can be combined through their main principle which is the earthy color. The bed and the cabinets here for example. The bed has the modern design, yet the cabinets have the rustic design. Their similar color makes them look harmonious.

modern rustic bedroom furniture fdbdf

2. The mixing room decoration is also neatly presented in this bedroom. The wall is decorated with the brick patterned wallpaper. Meanwhile, the floor comes with modern tiles. The rustic furniture that comes between them creates a perfect combination.

modern rustic bedroom furniture fgngf

3. The strong rustic look exists from the chandelier, wall, floor, rug, and the cabinets. The faded rug especially shots an ancient feeling. And this rustic furniture very contrasts with the modern bed, couch, and the lamps.

modern rustic bedroom furniture fvffd

4. From the wall decoration itself, the mixing idea is very clear. The brick pattern is identical with the rustic design, however, the color of the wallpaper means the modern design. Moreover, the sharp lining of the furniture frames the rustic material very well.

modern rustic bedroom furniture fvgfd

5. The modern decorations here are perfectly combined with the rustic wooden furniture. Not only that, but this bedroom also has a lick of the Scandinavian wall design.

modern rustic bedroom furniture ghggf

It is very interesting that the bed has an extended frame until the ceiling. More uniquely, the frame is made from the wood and ornamented with the plants. Moreover, the natural vibe is also brought by the butterfly decoration and the big live plant.

modern rustic bedroom furniture hbfhw

7. This attic bedroom has a strong nuance of the rustic vibe through the wooden frames in the ceiling. And the mural on the wall shots hardly the artsy feeling.

modern rustic bedroom furniture jgfyd

8. The white bricked wall can be told as for whether the rustic or industrial style. However, the picture on the wall determines the modern concept. And they are perfectly teamed with the rustic furniture and retro rug.

modern rustic bedroom furniture ngdfg

9. What highlight the rustic furniture is the wooden material. Besides, the traditional design of the rustic furniture is what makes the rustic furniture authentic. The orange wall painting gives modern nuance without overpowering the rustic decoration.

modern rustic bedroom furniture xvfda

10. The uneven white bricked wall painting creates natural and rustic nuance. The car picture in the contrast, however, creates a beautiful contrast on the wall. The natural and organic feeling here is accentuated with the wooden furniture and the live plants.

The relation between the modern and rustic design lies on the earthy color of the decorations. That’s why combine them is very possible since they have same-family colors.

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