10+ How to Decorate White Walls

10+ How to Decorate White Walls –  White as the wall color is the most common to find. White as the wall painting is indeed a neutral color that suits any theme of wall decoration. That’s why people prefer to use white and several neutral colors as the home decoration rather than colorful painting. Now we are going to present some ideas of white wall decoration that may inspire you.

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1. In number one, we have a folk home design. This home is filled with the white element which you can see from the wall painting, furniture, and the decorations. The decoration in this wall is really simple, there is only a photograph which combined with a cabinet in front of it.

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2. In number two, there is a semi-country house. The wall in this house is the combination of white and grey. The part that has grey element is decorated with wallpaper. While on another side there are a fireplace and an antler.

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3. The next, in number three the house has the broken white as the main decoration of the house. This broken white color is combined with the wooden element like you see through the floor and the hanging chair.

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4. In number four, there is a really simple home decoration. This home is literally covered with white color, even includes the decoration and the furniture. The only exception from the white is the painting itself.

how to decorate white walls rbsth

5. The next, there is a white country house. Like we see that this country house is not really big but it has a very nice decoration. The wooden wall itself is decorated with many decorations. The most eye-catching are the shelves that consist of many plants and pictures.

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6. The number six is also a lovely white house. This house has country-vintage fashion which is shown through the usage of the wooden element and the decorations. The corner of the stairs is very interesting with the ornament of many photographs there.

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7. In number seven, the living room seems like owned by a hotel.  There are double living rooms here. This living room is all surrounded with windows. The most attractive part is the ceiling that has a shape like e dome ceiling.

how to decorate white walls rtbyu

8. In number eight, we have a modern apartment that has a very simple theme. Just like many apartments, the main features here are also the windows. The windows themselves have aesthetic design and the scenery.

how to decorate white walls ryush

9. Like we see in this picture, this living room is actually not noisy at all. Because it has a monochromatic design and has minimalist decoration. Some parts of the wall itself are very aesthetic because they are left undone.

how to decorate white walls sbthh

10. This apartment has a modern and folk design. Although it is not really big, the usage of white in almost all area makes it looks wider. Furthermore, the bricked wall gives simple aesthetics to the apartment.

It is proven that the white wall never dies. It is because the simplicity that it has makes everything with it looks stunning.

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