10+ How to Decorate Small Kitchens

10+ How to Decorate Small Kitchens –Sometimes, having a small house makes us dilemmatic in arranging the furniture. But, today people are more creative in decorating the house. Many people nowadays learn tips from the internet before selecting furniture. Therefore, mostly it is not a problem whether we have a small or big home. This post also will give you several inspirations on how to arrange the furniture, especially for the small kitchens.

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1.This wooden nuance kitchen is very lovely. It has an interesting location because it is near the door to the open space. Moreover, the furniture in this kitchen looks very compact because everything is provided in a small size.

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2. Despite the small size, this kitchen has a unique decoration. The uniqueness lies on the design of the lamps and the wall that is covered with the white tiles. Not only that, but this kitchen also utilizes the shelves very well.

small spaces kitchens ghgfh

3. Actually, a small kitchen is still able to accommodate the dining of 4 persons. The key is, using the functional furniture as shown in this picture. Moreover, don’t use the extra size furniture. The small size is enough.

small spaces kitchens gjuyt

4. If there is no left area for the dining table, maybe you can place it with a dining bar. The dining bar spends less space for eating. Moreover, it is more unique than the common dining table.

small spaces kitchens hggfd

5. This kitchen also benefits the area very well. Even though it is very small and leaving only a narrow space for walking, the owner can arrange the storage cleverly. The ceiling is not left as it is, instead, it is used as the storage place.

small spaces kitchens hggfg

6. Besides utilizing the dining bar, you can use the convertible dining table. Therefore, the kitchen will look wider when it is not used. Not only that, it is important to keep the color in the similar dominance to generate minimalist look.

small spaces kitchens hgjhg

7. The use of the boxes all around the kitchen can make the kitchen looks neat also. Not only that, the equipment that is placed inside the boxes will keep the kitchen looks clean. The equipment will also stay longer.

small spaces kitchens huygp

8. It is very important to keep the size of the furniture proportional. Instead of using the dining table for 6 people, use the dining table only for two up to 4.

small spaces kitchens hyytrsmall spaces kitchens hyytr

9. The design of the furniture also determines whether the kitchen looks bulky or not. When the design of the furniture lies on the thickness, the kitchen automatically looks stuffed. Meanwhile, if the furniture has a slim lining, the kitchen will look less stuffy.

small spaces kitchens vhgjh

10. The placement of the furniture is also important for the visual of the kitchen. Instead of placing the dining table right in the middle, you better to place it rather close to the wall. Therefore, there will be more area that looks empty.

To avoid the bulky look, remember to use the uniformed color nuance in a kitchen. Not only that, use only the furniture with the slim lining instead of the thick one.

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