10+ How to Combine Yellow and Grey in a Decoration

10+ How to Combine Yellow and Grey in a Decoration – The look of our home describes who we are. Isn’t that right? Whether it is the concept, painting, and even the decoration, everything tells who we are. Therefore, sometimes a person needs more than a year to decorate an area in the house. Usually, a homeowner takes a long time in considering what the best color for his or her house is. Therefore, here we are going to give an inspiration for combining two contrast colors especially grey and yellow.

gray and yellow wall decor bsrvyt

1. The bedroom number one has a very artistic nuance as seen in the shape of the furniture and the decoration. Although this bedroom has a vibrant color, it still looks simple because the wall decorations are all in monochrome.

gray and yellow wall decor cburj

2. This bedroom has a very nice design with an additional area for working. Interestingly these two areas are divided with transparent partition. The walls of this bedroom are parted in half grey and half yellow.

gray and yellow wall decor dbzzz

3. The third bedroom has a very nice view and good air circulation. This bedroom is rich of grey color, it is seen through the wall painting and the furniture like a bed. The accent yellow is also gotten from the bed, lamp, and the vase.

gray and yellow wall decor ecghh

4. The bedroom number four has a very classic style. This bedroom also looks very simple with minimalist decoration. The touch of yellow in certain objects make this bedroom looks livelier. The most attractive feature of this bedroom is the window that gives an amazing view.

gray and yellow wall decor ghnjh

5. Like we see in this picture, this living room has a very vibrant color. The yellow that is selected in this room is very strong. Therefore, the grey that is consisted of the sofa can balance the yellow and makes this room tone is softer.

gray and yellow wall decor hfsss

6. In number six, there is a design of a studio or apartment, which is seen through the location of bedroom and dining room in the same area. This studio has a moody theme, but the yellow dining furniture makes it doesn’t look too plain.

gray and yellow wall decor oierh

7. The number seven seems to be the master bedroom. Like other master bedrooms, this bedroom also has special decoration. Although the walls are grey, each side of them has a different tone because of the wallpaper. The lick of yellow also beautifies this bedroom very well.

gray and yellow wall decor sbevy

8. In the first sight, the shape of the window here is very interesting. The bedroom that combines several color elements here is very aesthetic with two hanging lamps in the corner.

gray and yellow wall decor srvth

9. This master bedroom is indeed very minimalist and modern. Grey as the main color almost looks too stiff if there is no yellow at all.

gray and yellow wall decor vrsthy

10. Then, in the last bedroom, the grey and yellow are fit to each other and makes an elegant combination.

There are too many interesting color options out there. Sometimes, searching for a new perspective like this makes us easier in planning the room decoration. Decorating a house is not easy but an exciting thing to do.

Marry Dexter