10+ Green and Grey Duo for the Room

10+ Green and Grey Duo for the Room –The living room should be the place which is peaceful and warming. That’s why the living room should be designed as comfortable as possible. Every corner of it should be able to accommodate the need of the homeowner. That’s why it is important for the owner to have enough knowledge in decorating the living room. And in this post, we are going to recommend the duo green and grey for the living room, in case you will get inspired. Enjoy it!

Grey and green living room ideas cghyj

1.This living room has a very cozy decoration. This living room has the facilities that are convenient for the owner to relax. The big shelf at the other place is very functional yet decorative. The couch near the window is also a perfect place for spending spare time.

grey and green living room ideas cgjgj

2. Youth today tend to live with the moody color of the house. They tend to apply the decoration and the color that is simple enough, yet has a significant aesthetic in the shape design, like this room for example.

grey and green living room ideas fjuty

3. Millennials prefer the moody nuance not only it is the trend. Yet, the moody nuance is also relaxing. This living room for example. It has grey domination that is combined with green live plants, represent that house is the place for relaxing.

grey and green living room ideas fyhuy

4. Unlike the previous room decoration that leans on Scandinavian decoration, this living room has a casual design. The green element is presented by the green drapes strongly. Overall, the only vibrant color in this living room is the green drapes.

grey and green living room ideas gfjuy

5. This living room as wells as the working room is a nice place for spending time. Moreover, working with such an atmosphere will be very enjoyable. The windows have a nice design and nice view.

grey and green living room ideas ghfgk

6. This retro living room has a very refreshing appearance. Moreover, the furniture design and the furniture are very cheerful.

grey and green living room ideas ghhjg

7. The curved window is the noticeable aspect in this dining room. The owner is refreshed and energized not only with food but also with the outdoor view and the live plants near the window.

grey and green living room ideas ghjgy

8. The live plants here safe this living room from the monochromatic boredom. Although the monochromatic concept itself is not boring, yet the live plants make this living room livelier.

grey and green living room ideas vjgjh

9. This house is such a nice place for living. This living room especially echoes warming atmosphere. Moreover, the owner is very creative in combining the colors of each furniture and decoration. The messy things vibes relaxing nuance instead of stressing one.

grey and green living room ideas vjhgj

10. You can call this living room as being artistic contemporary. This house itself basically has a nice design and it is accentuated by the artistic furniture. Moreover, the owner cleverly combines several different patterns together as presented in several objects.

The green and grey are nice combos for today trend. Although you don’t present it through the furniture or wall design, you can present them through decorations like live plants. These colors are perfect for echoing relaxing atmosphere.

Marry Dexter