10+ Girl’s Bedroom Inspirations

10+ Girl’s Bedroom Inspirations – Just like the boys, the girls also love to adopt their favorite characters in the bedroom. If the boys commonly use the sports theme, the girls commonly use the animation character like Disney princesses. The colors of the girl’s bedroom are usually also dominated with the pink or pastel color. To get a clearer idea about the girl’s bedroom, let’s take a look at these designs.

girls bedroom sets furniture fhger

1.Like previously mentioned that girls usually use their favorite character. And in this bedroom, the owner uses the Hello Kitty theme. All the furniture and the decorations in this bedroom are in Hello Kitty themed.

girls bedroom sets furniture fhjsr

2. Looking at the furniture design, this bedroom must be owned by an elementary or junior high schooler. The color choice in this bedroom is also around the pastel color. Looking at the functionality and the lining, the furniture in this decoration has a mid-century modern style.

girls bedroom sets furniture fjrys

3. The girl’s bedroom furniture generally has the classic style, because the classic style has the feminine ornament and curvy lining. That is what this bedroom uses. The feminine furniture in this bedroom is balanced with the brown wall painting.

girls bedroom sets furniture hjdyd

4. Like the previous bedroom, this girl’s bedroom also employs the classic style furniture. The classic furniture is popular with the broken white color like this. However, the yellow that is used in this bedroom makes it different than the other girl’s bedroom that is commonly dominated by pink.

girls bedroom sets furniture hrtdh

5. Seeing this bedroom, it reminds us of the aristocratic bedroom in ancient times. The ancient feeling is clearly felt through the vintage theme of the furniture especially the bed. Moreover, the wallpaper and the decorations here are very beautiful and ancient-like.

girls bedroom sets furniture hrthr

6. The Disney character is obviously very popular among the girls. Therefore, the bedroom with the Disney character theme is commonly used by the girls. The polka-dot wallpaper in this bedroom makes the bedroom looks cheerful without being too much.

girls bedroom sets furniture jmtyz

7. The pastel color like this is indeed very popular for the girl’s bedroom. the classic furniture that is ornamented with carved detail here makes this bedroom looks very feminine.

girls bedroom sets furniture jsrys

8. To make the bedroom looks girly without being too feminine, you can choose the furniture with the modern or mid-century modern style. And then, the decorations should be in girly nuance, therefore the bedroom still looks girly without being too feminine.

girls bedroom sets furniture kyisd

9. The pink bedroom with the cute decoration and sweet ornament is maybe the dream of many little girls. Just like this bedroom for example. It has a super cute decoration with the combination of pink and white color.

girls bedroom sets furniture kyudf

10. This bedroom also has the common furniture of the girl’s bedroom. The beautiful lining and the decoration is the dream of an anywhere little girl.

The girl bedroom has the significant difference in terms of the furniture style and the room decoration. The girl’s bedroom is familiar with the white paintings and the classic style furniture. Meanwhile, the boy’s bedroom are identical with the sharpa and simple lining furniture.

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