10+ French Kitchen Cabinet Styles

10+ French Kitchen Cabinet Styles – The rustic French kitchen cabinets are always in the soft color like pastel, grey, etc. The French style indeed has a feminine and artistic style. Sometimes we hard to define which one is the French style or which one is the other European style, or which one is the old American style. Okay, don’t mind about which one is the one, the most important thing is, here we will present you some of the rustic French kitchen cabinets. So, check them out.French country kitchen cabinets aasslp

1. This full pastel color kitchen is very beautiful, right? The kitchen cabinets are also designed and painted harmoniously with the kitchen concept. The handle of the cabinet is slim and ethnic. The kitchen table is made from the marble that has similar color with the wall painting.

French country kitchen cabinets ddsft

2. The rustic design in this kitchen cabinet goes well with the floor and the small door in the corner. The kitchen cabinet has undone style, so it looks very unique.

French country kitchen cabinets ffgai

3. In this kitchen, the cabinet has the most vibrant color, however, it still has the same basic tone with the environment. The cabinet has the brown color with the hint of the army green. The design of the cabinet is also rustic.

French country kitchen cabinets hhjkl

4. The kitchen cabinet in this kitchen has the same color with the ceiling color. It also has suitable color with the chandelier. The kitchen cabinet is colored in broken white with very simple detail.

French country kitchen cabinets jjkosd

5. This fifth French cabinet is the same with the cabinets before. Like the kitchen cabinets that you usually see in the kingdom movie, this cabinet has the same style as that.

French country kitchen cabinets kkjhd

6. The sixth cabinet in this picture has a unique shape in the part of the cupboard. The cupboard shape is like the doors. The window on the upper part with the detail of the curtain makes this kitchen looks beautiful. Another aspect that beautifies this kitchen is the curtain that is placed above the window.

French country kitchen cabinets kklsa

7. The French cabinet of this kitchen has a unique cupboard. The cupboard design is like the cupboard in the bedroom. Moreover, the cupboard on the other side is also unique because it has the cupboard design from many years ago.

French country kitchen cabinets klpdfg

8. Just like some cabinet that we have mentioned before, this cabinet also has broken white color. However, this cabinet is unique for its green glass decoration. It is an additional detail for the cabinet, so it won’t look plain.  

French country kitchen cabinets llkjda

9. This cabinet has more rustic looks because this French kitchen cabinet has woody color. This woody color gets along very well with the vintage design of the kitchen.  

French country kitchen cabinets ppofg

10. This last French cabinet design has the most stands out the color of grey with the hint of soft green. It also has more details than the cabinets that we have mentioned. It looks beautiful with the white wall.

French kitchen cabinet is undeniably very popular, you can very easily find the French style kitchen cabinet. Because it is suitable almost for any concept of a kitchen. They look beautiful and neat at the same time.

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French country kitchen cabinets jjkosdFrench country kitchen cabinets hhjklFrench country kitchen cabinets ffgaiFrench country kitchen cabinets aasslpFrench country kitchen cabinets kklsaFrench country kitchen cabinets ddsftFrench country kitchen cabinets llkjdaFrench country kitchen cabinets ppofg

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