10+ Framed Art for Wall Decorations

10+ Framed Art for Wall Decorations – One of the decorations that won’t be lost in age is art decoration. Whatever the theme of a home interior is, a painting never fails to beautify a room. A painting also includes many perspectives depends on who see that certain paintings. Moreover, painting in any color of it will always suit the room theme.

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1. In this first painting, we see an abstract painting with the nuance of blue and pink. The abstract painting suits for any room theme. Even, if you are going to match the abstract painting with the vintage room, they will look harmonious.

2. The next is also an abstract painting, but unlike the first painting, this painting has the red and orange nuance as the main elements. This abstract painting also suits any room concept, for example, the ethnic theme, modern, vintage, etc.

3. The third painting is a kind of realism themed painting. In this painting, the story is about the view of a lake during an autumn. The yellow color that dominates this painting is very beautiful. This painting is the most matched with vintage or ethnic room themes.

4. In the fourth painting, there is told boats on an emerald sea.  This painting is painted with the oil painting on canvas. This painting is framed with a square silver frame. This painting most suits with the sailor themed home interior or a home with the nuance of blue.

5.  In number five, there is a collage painting. What makes this painting interesting is the concept of the painting itself that combines several patterns into one. This painting will reach its maximum function as a decoration if it is put in a contemporary or pop home interior.

6. The next, in number six we are presented with four series of cartoon painting. These paintings are in the same title which tells about a cafe. This decoration is very supportive for the cafe, bakery, or bistro decoration.

7. In number seven, we can see a view of a live starry night. This painting seems to be made with watercolor in canvas or acrylic on canvas. Like all the paintings, this painting doesn’t necessarily to be put in a certain room themed although a vintage room most suits with it.

8. Then, in number eight, we see that this painting is very colorful. This painting tells about a romance of two, and the deeper meaning depends on how you address this painting. This painting suits for a wall with neutral colors like white.

9. In number nine, we meet again with the collage painting. This collage painting is very detail and dominated with orange and cream as the main color.

10. The last is vintage themed painting. Since the style of this painting is vintage, the most suit interiors for this painting is rustic, vintage, or ethnic interiors.


As we said before that actually there is no rule that certain painting theme should be for certain interior. However, we still can make it the best if you match the painting theme with the room theme.  

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