10+ Floor Seating Ideas for the Living Room

10+ Floor Seating Ideas for the Living Room –Floor seating is casually identical for the Middle Eastern house and the Eastern Asian house. These regions have the cultures of floor seating. And these concept today are adopted in hotels, restaurants, cottage, etc. What makes the floor seating enjoyable is, your feet are freer to move. Furthermore, it makes the living room looks more spacious.

floor seating ideas living room fuhyu

1.For the relaxation activity goals, this floor seating is very appropriate. It has the design that is very flexible to move. You can place and keep it anywhere. The design is also very cozy to sit. Enjoying the air breeze, while reading and sitting here will be a perfect goal.

floor seating ideas living room ghtde

2. The design of the living room set here is short enough. It is such a decoration that quite unusual yet very comfortable. The kind of short seating like this also makes the feet cozier to move.

floor seating ideas living room ghtyy

3. Take notice in this sofa set. This sofa is completed with a small bar along its backing. It’s wide seating also looks very comfortable. In terms of the position with the floor level, this sofa is not high enough that makes the feet are more relaxed.

floor seating ideas living room ghytd

4. Like previously said that Eastern Asian house is identical with the floor seating. Interestingly, the seating in this dining room is made from the rattan. Moreover, the lamp above the dining table also gives an attractive accent for this dining set.

floor seating ideas living room ghyyt

5. The Middle Eastern house culturally has the floor seating like this. If you visit the Moroccan hotel, the design is about like this. The size of the seating and the tables here attractively are mini.

floor seating ideas living room hghge

6. Once again there is a Moroccan living room. This living room looks very beautiful with the uniformed blue. The patterns are also attractive. The drapes here are a success in creating an elegant accent.

floor seating ideas living room juyte

7. This living room is designed like the Japanese the Japanese living room. Yet, despite the basic is the Japanese living room, this room is designed more modern. The seating, for example, is covered with a rug and the cushions are modern.

floor seating ideas living room jyulk

8. What makes this house very attractive is its rooms contour. Moreover, there are two seating which is the window nook and the living room area. Since the house is not really big, the rather short sofa like this is very appropriate.

floor seating ideas living room tgfyt

9. Instead of the regular sofa, the round chairs are more attractive. They are a nice distinctive accent in this living room. Especially their shape is very unique for the overall lining of the living room.

floor seating ideas living room utyte

10. This living room has attractive proportion because of the shape of the seating set. Their shape is very unusual. What makes them unusual is the lining itself. Overall they are so simple and modern yet the material is very organic.

The seating is a very important element that decorates the living room. It doesn’t only function as the main furniture, yet also tells the concept of the living room.

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