10+ Fashionable Nursery Bedroom Ideas

10+ Fashionable Nursery Bedroom Ideas –Welcoming a baby surely makes every day feels exciting. From the clothes up to the baby bedroom decoration, everything is prepared very nicely. Whether it is for the baby girl or baby boy, each of them has their authentic characters. The baby bedroom generally has a playful and cute decoration. So, this post will excite your brain to decorate your baby’s bedroom.

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1.The refreshing nuance is achieved in this nursery bedroom. The refreshing feeling is gotten from the green wall painting. The playful vibe is derived from the pink touch. Not only that, the white decoration creates a soft look for the baby girl bedroom.

baby bedroom furniture sets gggfs

2. From the classic furniture and the grey-blue decoration, this nursery bedroom has more mature nuance. However, thanks to the animal pictures decoration, the playful atmosphere exists. This blue-grey bedroom decoration has a design that suits for either baby boy or girl.

baby bedroom furniture sets hggfd

3. This nursery bedroom surely has a cozy nuance and it is generated from the nude decoration. What makes this baby bedroom different is the canopy above the baby box. Looking at the cupboard, it also has a nice design with the shelves on a side.

baby bedroom furniture sets hmjhg

4. The classic furniture is absolutely preferred for the baby girl, and it is shown by this nursery bedroom. The classic furniture has a sweet and cute design, especially shown by the baby bed. The backing of the bed has a carved decoration that is quite rare for the baby bed.

baby bedroom furniture sets jfhgf

5. Just like the adult bedroom, the nursery bedroom furniture also commonly comes with a set of bed, cupboard, etc. Interestingly, the nursery furniture is usually completed with the rocking chair.

baby bedroom furniture sets jhgfg

6. The key to decorating the nursery bedroom is the wall decoration. The wall decoration of the nursery bedroom absolutely needs the playful decorations like a cartoon, animal figures, colors, etc.

baby bedroom furniture sets jhggf

7. This bedroom is decorated with a peaceful nuance. It is very well known that the blue decoration makes a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. This nursery bedroom has a very warming and homely feeling due to the decoration itself.

baby bedroom furniture sets nghhg

8. The classic concept is what this bedroom tries to express. It is shown through the design of the furniture that also accentuated by the crystal lamp. The decorations of this nursery bedroom also create a mature concept in the nursery bedroom.

baby bedroom furniture sets sdfgs

9. This bedroom has a magical design like the Alice in Wonderland. That magical vibe is achieved from the antlers and the picture decorations. Not only that, the ribbons and the tassels in the bed also create a classic atmosphere to this baby bedroom.

baby bedroom furniture sets vgdhs

10. A classic style is also presented in this baby bedroom. The design is trying to include the natural elements through the patterns in the curtain and the rug.

In designing the nursery bedroom, we need to consider what furniture that will be needed. Not only that, we need to include a sofa or couch as the place for the parents when nursing the baby.

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