10+ Designs of Living Room Drapes

10+ Designs of Living Room Drapes –The living room without drape will make the window looks plain. The window and the drape almost always cannot be separated. The drape can give a certain impression to the living room. Moreover, if you use the patterned drape, this drape will make a big difference for the room look. It is because the size of the drape is big enough.

living room drapes ideas fghygf

1.The combination of grey and white in this living room creates a strong modern concept. The modern concept gets the luxury lick from the crystal lamp. The drape in this living room also makes this living room looks gigantic.

living room drapes ideas gfhhg

2. In this living room, the focal point is the green velvet sofa. This sofa looks very aesthetic and elegant. The drapes here make a certain dimension to the room, create a bigger tone for the living room. Overall, this living room is very classic.

living room drapes ideas ghdyf

3. If you think that classic furniture is too boring, you can adopt the strategy like this living room. This living room has a colorful rug and patterned drape. These two are already enough for creating a cheerful look in this living room.

living room drapes ideas ghyhu

4. The dimensional wall contour is absolutely very attractive for the living room visual. Overall, this living room actually lies in the same tone which is the woody pattern and color. Yet, it has various patterns and the wall decoration is very eye-popping.

living room drapes ideas hfyyt

5. Every corner of this living room cannot be far away from the luxury impression. From aside, there are drapes that touch the floor, creating a luxury and grandiose look. Moreover, the marble wall impresses the pricy accent.

living room drapes ideas hjkyu

6. What do you think about this room? Does it have a modern concept or classic concept? Whatever it does, this living room doesn’t look boring at all although it is dominated with the white color.

living room drapes ideas hyfuy

7. The combination of the wooden material and the live plant never fails to create an organic atmosphere. Not only that, but the organic atmosphere here is also accentuated by the wide windows that present the natural view.

living room drapes ideas jhjhg

8. The modern theme is very identical with the colors in the same tone. This living room, for example, a little difference is made by the orange cushions. While the rest of them are presented in the brown shades. Interestingly, the walls are presented with different patterns.

living room drapes ideas tfudu

9. The classic theme that is presented in grey tone like this makes the living room doesn’t look usual. Moreover, the design of the furniture is suited for one another. The decorations also cannot be neglected as important beautifiers.

living room drapes ideas yhtuy

10. Having the home like this include with the view is such an amazing dream. The warming nuance is presented by this living room through the use of the rattan furniture. the sheer drape is very suited for such an amazing window view.

The drape can be very important for creating a grandiose look in the living room, especially the one that touches the floor. That’s why it is very recommended not only for the window complement but also as the decoration.

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