10+ Designing the Living Room with Modern Vibes

10+ Designing the Living Room with Modern Vibes – Modern design is absolutely endless. The modernity is growing everything. There will be the development of modern concept ahead. What is called modern now could be not modern anymore in the future? But, one thing for sure, the modern decoration is always characterized by the simple and basic shapes in the furniture. Let’s see how it is for a clearer image.

modern living room sets cgxbz

1. Like a standard apartment, this living room has a standard size, too. The border of this living room is signed with the border of the rug. The simple shape of the cabinets and the sofa really accentuates the modern theme.

modern living room sets bhhss

2. If you want a modern living room with some artsy, maybe you can choose the unique furniture shape for the living room. Moreover, you can play with the placement like in this picture, you don’t have to place them symmetrically.

modern living room sets dbgzz

3. Unlike the common modern living room that is commonly identified with a monochromatic or brown color. The owner of this living room makes a movement by painted the wall in peach. Moreover, the decoration on the wall and plant make this living room less stiff.

modern living room sets dfbae

4. Maybe the best definition of a modern living room comes to this. The modern vibe is not only shown with the basic model of the furniture, but also the color choice and the simplicity of the decoration. The most attractive furniture design in this living room is the fireplace.

modern living room sets dgsss

5. Even though this modern living room has a monochromatic design, the window wall that presents the outside view makes this living room more attractive. The furniture and the decoration in this living room are very minimalist.

modern living room sets dzgcb

6. This living room has a nice contrast of modern vibe with the classic design. The modern design is shown with the paneled wall, while the windows and the wall beside have the classic European design. Yet, the furniture still tends to be a modern design.

modern living room sets fngjrx

7. It is so rare people having distinctive and unique furniture like this. The sofa itself is not made with the common material, but it is made from the kind of ceramics. The round small tables are also very unique.

modern living room sets fsxbd

8. Although this living room interior is woody and vintage, the furniture tells the difference. The main contrastive with the living room concept is the standing lamp and the sofa set.

modern living room sets rdght

9. This living room has a combination of the modern monochrome living room with brown wooden furniture. The floor itself has an attractive design with the wooden pattern yet grey colored.

modern living room sets xftns

10. The first feature in this living room that looks attractive is the ceiling and the partition. The plaited wallpaper in the ceiling gives a significant lick to this living room. The classic vibe is presented with the furniture color.

Although modern theme has significant features like simple and basic shapes, however, you can make a creative movement when applying the modern design. For examples are ceiling accent, the shape or material of furniture, and the color of furniture.  

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