10+ Decorative Concrete Block Wall

10+ Decorative Concrete Block Wall – In building a home, we need to concern not only for the interior. However, the exterior aspect is also important. Because when someone goes to your home, he or she will make some opinion about our home in their mind. Therefore, even the gate or fence of your home shouldn’t be neglected. Sometimes, people also make the additional decoration in the garden or outer part of the home.

decorative concrete block wall bhdrtb

1. The first is the concrete brick for the garden. In this picture as you see, the concrete brick is built as the area for the plants. Furthermore, near it, we see the concrete brick is also used as the border of the grass with the porch.

decorative concrete block wall btfrs

2. In the second picture, you see the concrete brick is built like the classic or old style fence. This concrete brick is also completed with lamps like the old times. Furthermore, the concrete brick is also built for the place of the plants.

decorative concrete block wall fhjdb

3. In the third design, the concrete brick is made into the fence. Interestingly, the fence has the pattern. To make it more decorative, the owner also makes the surface is bending.

decorative concrete block wall jbkkk

4. In the fourth picture as you see that this home is higher than the surrounding land surface. Therefore, the yard is bordered with the concrete. The concrete here is not made from a brick yet from the stones.

decorative concrete block wall jwarvk

5. In this fifth design, the concrete brick is painted all white. Furthermore, it has two different patterns. Interestingly, it is a see-through concrete to part the yard and the home.

decorative concrete block wall ntsyy

6. The next one is the stone fence. Besides the fence, there is a stair concrete as the place for plants. Above the stone concrete, there is also a wooden fence. This fence combines two materials which are the stone and the wood.

decorative concrete block wall uryaa

7. Unlike the fence that we mentioned above. This fence is all painted in white. Furthermore, it has the circled pattern. So, people can see through from each side. This fence is harmonious with the stone decorations on the floor. Furthermore, the lamps make this fence looks dimensional.

decorative concrete block wall rvhawe

8. In the picture number eight, the concrete is also made with the pattern. So people from the yard can see through the home. Interestingly, the pillars are made with the same color of the home wall, while the middle sees through part has the same color with the stones under it.

decorative concrete block wall vggrs

9. In the ninth concrete block wall, the stones are bigger. Furthermore, as you see this fence is very interesting because the stones are not arranged while they are put in a wire concrete. This makes the outer part of the home looks natural and the modern.

decorative concrete block wall vhkru

10. The last one is a very unique concrete block wall. This block wall is built with the concept of see-through. Interestingly, people can see what is inside the house.

Some concrete block is made for the border or the fence. Today the see-through concept is popular again because it is very unique.  

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