10+ Decorating the Wall with Cork Tiles

10+ Decorating the Wall with Cork Tiles – There are many types of wall decoration. One of them is the cork tiles. The cork tiles are usually used in the places that need the sound damper like a music studio, meeting room, etc. The cork tile can be used not only as the sound damper but is also an aesthetic decoration for the wall. Here let’s check some ideas of decorating the wall with cork tile.

decorative cork wall tiles  fxhhh

1. In this wall, the cork tile is attached in the middle of the wall. This wall uses the cork with an uneven surface. This cork tile gives the toned look to the wall. You can apply this in the home as a wall ornament.

decorative cork wall tiles bdrga

2. The number two, this cork tile is placed in the office. This cork tile has a smooth surface. The cork tile is indeed commonly found in the office. Besides the cork tile, there is a lamp decoration with the R shape.

decorative cork wall tiles dghzh

3. In the number three, the cork tile is placed in the bathroom. Some bathroom design indeed is using the cork tile as the sound damper in the bathroom. This is an alternative of the sound damper to reduce the sounds effect that head from the outside.

decorative cork wall tiles drbgh

4. The number four is the cork tile that is located in the living room wall. This cork tile only covered a side of the wall in the living room. And it gives certain nuance to the living room. Moreover, the pictures on the wall make this living room more beautiful.

decorative cork wall tiles drghh

5. In the number five, the cork tile is used in the office. In this office, the cork tile is used on the wall and the ceiling. The cork tile is an effective sound damper for the office. Moreover, the color of the cork tile adds significant tone to the room.

decorative cork wall tiles dzhdth

6. In the number six, the cork tile has a very unique motive. This cork tile decorates the bedroom. This bedroom doesn’t need any other decorations because the cork tile is enough. In this bedroom, the cork tile is beautified with the attached lamps above it.

decorative cork wall tiles eryyy

7. The cork tile number seven is also decorating the bedroom. In this bedroom, the cork tile looks like the woods. The cork tile in this bedroom is harmonious with the plant’s decoration. They make a combination that looks natural.

decorative cork wall tiles scfff

8. As we said before, that the cork tile is commonly used in the office like in the meeting room. This is because the cork tile can reduce the sounds well. Like in this meeting room, the cork tile is applied on a side of the wall.

decorative cork wall tiles szfgg

9. In number nine, the cork tile is used formed as a kind of decoration on the wall. This cork tile is placed like a painting.

decorative cork wall tiles xntuu

10. In number ten, the cork tile is used in a studio. The studio commonly uses damper materials like this.

The cork tile is very beneficial to be applied in any room. It is a kind of aesthetic wall decoration and also a beneficial sound damper.

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