10+ Country Theme Living Room Inspirations

10+ Country Theme Living Room Inspirations – Country theme is still very popular to be used for the home decoration. The country theme has a warm and intimate design. The country theme living room commonly is completed with the fireplace. The country theme also identical with the furniture or decoration that has traditional look. That’s why this theme is very helpful to raise the warming nuance in a house.

country living room ideas fthfu

1.Being colorful is the main idea in this living room. This living room wants to deliver a cheerful nuance besides the warming atmosphere. The classic design that is combined with many patterns emerges a beautiful visual for this living room.

country living room ideas ghyyt

2. The soft color nuance of this living room creates a warming atmosphere. Meanwhile, the use of many colors here also make the living room really cheerful and sweet. Although there are many different patterns used, they still look so harmonious.

country living room ideas gjhjk

3. One decoration that can sum up the country theme is the antler. By using this, people will automatically know the theme of a room. Not only that, but the decoration with the fur material is also very helpful to present the country theme.

country living room ideas hfhgr

4. The uniqueness of the wooden pot on the table is not only eye-popping but also very supportive to tell the concept of this living room. Not only that, but the pattern of the carpet also has a very typical country color and pattern.

country living room ideas hfuuy

5. The country theme in this living room is beautifully presented with the combination of nude and navy colors. The stripes sofa especially is very eye-catching. Moreover, the flower decoration in the corner is very aesthetic and unique.

country living room ideas hgyuy

6. It is surprising that the combination between the olive color and the light brown rug here is very harmonious. The olive color of this living room makes the atmosphere is very refreshing.

country living room ideas hjjkg

7. Don’t forget that the ancient design furniture can be very amazing for the country theme. This living room has several important things that present the country nuance, especially the horse painting, sofa, and the ancient chandelier.

country living room ideas hytuy

8. The checkered colorful pattern was once very popular in the 90s. And this pattern is still very suitable for the country theme. It is because the country theme is very identical with the old time design. Moreover, this living room has the furniture with the vintage design.

country living room ideas tghgh

9. The undone design is ultra-powerful to create a country atmosphere. And that’s shown in the wooden frames in the ceiling, cupboard, and the mantelpiece of the fireplace. The brown shades in this living room make a good harmony.

country living room ideas thrrt

10. When you see this living room, you may think that this design is the most common country theme design of the living room. Not only that, but the fireplace here also a typically countryside fireplace.

From these designs, can be summed up that actually there is no matter about the color use. The country theme is commonly highlighted by the fireplace, antler, and the undone wood ornaments.

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