10+ Country-side Theme Decorating Ideas

10+ Country-side Theme Decorating Ideas – The old style decoration, in fact, is everlasting. The old style decoration like the vintage theme, rustic theme or country theme have the designs that look authentic, that’s why they are everlasting. Moreover, these themes use the furniture that has unique details. The unique detail itself what makes the vintage or rustic room decorations look different. Right now we are going to show you about the country theme decoration with country theme furniture.

country style bedroom furniture dghzs

1. In this bedroom, it is clearly seen that this bedroom has the country home design. The country home design is shown through the window design. The country home theme is well supported with the wooden furniture with the same theme.

country style bedroom furniture dhbtj

2. This bedroom has a unique shape if the bedroom commonly has the perfect rectangular or square shape, this bedroom has an additional corner space. The nuance of this bedroom is really soft with the grey tone wall paint and the nude colored furniture.

country style bedroom furniture dhetg

3. Not only has the country theme, but this bedroom also has old look. The old or vintage look is because of the design of the furniture itself. For example is a couple of makeup sets. The frameless mirror and the chair with this design are very commonly found in 1980s-1990s.

country style bedroom furniture dhetw

4. The furniture in this bedroom has a unique and natural appearance because of the visual of the wooden material itself. The bicycle decoration on the wall also accentuates the rustic look.

country style bedroom furniture dthae

5. To make the country theme wooden furniture looks different, you can paint it with certain color like this. Therefore, with the different color, the impression it delivers will be different. Just like this bedroom, with the white painted furniture, this bedroom looks romantic and sweet.

country style bedroom furniture ghrtu

6. To decorate a room indeed we should act all out. Just like this bedroom, this kid bedroom has the perfect combination of round-topped windows, flowery wallpaper, and the broken white colored furniture.

country style bedroom furniture gjrys

7. The countryside home often reminds us of the elder’s house. This bedroom, for example, it has a typical old bedroom design. This country theme furniture moreover, suits with the stoned wall contour.

country style bedroom furniture gjyra

8. This bedroom’s furniture has a sharp lining, which is quite rare for the country or vintage room furniture. This bedroom moreover, has a unique design which is shown through the ceiling partition behind the bed.

country style bedroom furniture gnrre

9. The countryside vibe in this bedroom appears in the furniture, decoration and the room design. The wooden frames in the ceiling is a typical countryside house. Moreover, the rug design itself also has an antique design.

country style bedroom furniture gnzfa

10. The curvy lining in the room design of this bedroom is very antique like we see from the windows and the wall partition. The furniture color of this bedroom is also harmonious with the wall painting.

The country home decoration is still attractive to be applied in the modern house. Moreover, the wooden furniture that it has gives antique nuance to the room. It is very attractive, isn’t it?



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