10+ Coining Blue for the Living Room

10+ Coining Blue for the Living Room –Too many interesting colors that can be chosen for the room decoration. It might be easier to decide the concept first instead of choosing the wall painting. It is because a concept can be harmonious for more than one color. Yet, of course before placing the decoration and the furniture you need to decorate the wall first. And this post will give an inspiration about blue nuance whether it is for the wall or furniture or even the decoration.

blue living room decorating ideas fghjy

1.The wall painting in this living room is a medium blue with the hint of violet. That’s why if you look more carefully, every side of the wall color has dimensions. Furthermore, this living room doesn’t use too many colors that make it look harmonious.

blue living room decorating ideas ghfyy

2. Interestingly, this house uses different color tones even if the rooms are next to each other. For example, the blue living room and the grey corridor. Yet the colors are not too contrast each other.

blue living room decorating ideas ghgui

3. The deep color like this wall painting is very suitable for creating an artsy look. This living room, therefore, has an artistic eclectic concept. And that’s one and only because of the combination between the blue painting and the design of the furniture.

blue living room decorating ideas ghyuy

4. Like the previous living room, this house has an eclectic decoration. Every room in this house has the different fashion from each other. This living room itself is glamorous because of the dark blue painting and the spark lighting.

blue living room decorating ideas gjhgy

5. This house has a very eye-relaxing look because of the blue domination. Moreover, it is very unexpected that the blue nuance is suitable for ethnic decoration. Slightly, this living room looks like the bohemian style.

blue living room decorating ideas hgjur

6. One more amazing decoration that is very unexpected. The classic style room is very common with the sandy color. Yet, the owner of this house creates a breakthrough by using the blue as the main color.

blue living room decorating ideas hgjuy

7. For sure, this living room is very fashionable. Although almost the whole of it is presented in blue, yet there are many aspects that have attractive patterns.

blue living room decorating ideas ikuiu

8. We can call this room as the combo of this luxury and the classic. The partnership between blue and grey is an eye-pleasing look. The blue wallpaper especially has a special pattern that is very beautiful for the root visual.

blue living room decorating ideas jhgjh

9. With several breakthroughs, this living room has an ethnic style that looks unusual. Even the most are presented with ethnic design, the drapes are stunning with a casual design. The painting moreover, is a suitable accentuation for the blue living room.

blue living room decorating ideas jyuiu

10. The owner here really knows how to avoid boredom from the matte painting. The furniture like lighting, mirror, table, and chairs are designed very stylish. Moreover, the velvet couch here creates a glamorous look.

Blue nuance can create an unexpected breakthrough for certain themes. This color is very eye-pleasing and able to make the artsy look, peaceful, or any nuance. It is also very flexible to be combined with any room decoration.

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